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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Insects aren't always creepy.

Well, to some people they are no matter what they are.  I just don't like arachnids.  Or insect that look like arachnids.  Or ones that I know that bite.  Small insects really don't bother me.  Well, small spiders really do & small insects in swarms do.

The 1st time I encountered springtails was on my back porch ledge.  They were extremely tiny, jumped when I went close to touching them & there were many of them.  They had probably been there since I purchased the place & I just never noticed them until leaning over the ledge one day I huffed a breath out & I saw these tiny things go scattering all over!  It took forever to figure out what they were also considering I don't have a microscopic lens on my camera & I had to study where they were, what they were doing, the environment, size, & behavior to figure it out.  It was really the jumping that did it.  They have what's called a furcula attached to their bums which allows them to "sping" short distances.  What I learned about them, I let them be & the association eventually came & painted the porch ledge & they have since been gone.

A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night & went in the bathroom & I thought Chris left some beard shavings in the bottom of the sink.  Until I realized they were moving.  I looked closer, went to poke the, what seemed, almost microscopic insect & sure enough, it bounced about an inch away.  We had elongate-bodied springtails in the bathroom sink.  Not too worried because of what I had read before, they do not cause damage, but they can migrate & in great numbers.  What I was worried about was we were getting more & more each day and if we were getting them, because they are really outdoor insects & coming from the pipes, our downstairs neighbors were getting them also.

Now, we live on marshy land & there's a creek in our backyard so these are expected.  The way you are supposed to rid of them is to find the outdoor source of moisture or leaks, fungus, algae, decaying vegetation & so w/my atmosphere, I don't think I will ever find their original source.  They're kind of fun to watch them mill around aimlessly & jump when poked anyway.  I told my downstairs neighbor about them yesterday in the event him or his wife sees them to not freak out that they are, if anything, a nuisance & nothing more.  So to get rid of them in the pipes, the eco-friendly way would be w/vinegar, & if that doesn't work, bleach.  These are temporary solutions though.  Chris went right for the bleach.  Haven't been back since.

Unfortunately the roses he got me that I re-potted were infested with fungus gnats & I had to just get rid of them.  I had tried to get rid of as much as I could of the old soil when I re-potted it but I guess I just didn't do a good enough job & I am praying they didn't get into the daisy.  My dad gave me a tea rose to put in the pot & my mom gave me an antique turtle that I put a moon cactus in.  Looks so cute!

I've been feeling the best I've been in a while.  I swear the year before my gallbladder surgery was hell & this year after has been also.  Except the year before the surgery they were sure it was my gallbladder & now no one knows what's wrong with me.  Got myself off 1 prescription & working myself off another.  Being sick on & off had depressed & scared me greatly, especially when I ended up in the hospital.  I have been trying to stay positive through it all though sometimes it's so hard to.  I have my sanctuary (bath), my love (Chris), my support (fam & friends), my confidant (my cat who is also my cuddle buddy though he objects with claws & teeth sometimes because he is a grumpy old cat but he does purr a lot), & things that keep me sane (crafts, cute things, blogging, shopping, making people happy.)

Take care everyone.  Until the next bath! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily bath September 27, 2011.

Really love this line & I really do love TBS but I know w/being a huge company & wanting their products to be sustainable, I still feel they could be doing more to make their products & packaging a bit more eco-friendly.

I was running around all day today & wanted to write a bit about some of the insect problems we've had around here.  Not much problems but more of annoyances.  I have obtained solutions but, unfortunately, my roses are gone.  Maybe tomorrow I can share my story about that.

To end, here's a mantis I found hanging around outside the other week.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily bath September 26, 2011 & a review.

So this is another steal I picked up at my local Target the other day that was 1/2 off original price of $5.99.  I have always wanted to try One products because of what I have read about them being a very eco-friendly brand, but never really knew anyone else who had tried their products.  Also being a bit skeptical about the price & the fact they were being sold at this mass merchandiser, I just held off.

If you actually go to their site you'll notice a huge difference in the way the product looks there compared to what I obtained in my package.  I personally don't care but there's either a possibility I have an old product, or their marketing needs to get consistent.  The packaging is recyclable & the plastic that the fizzer is wrapped in is noted to be 100% biodegradable per the top of the packaging!  Awesome!  What's really great about this also is once you remove the wrapping, it's made to have the 2 pieces so you do not have to split it yourself & you can use it for 2 baths.  Another plus!

I decided to use the bottom 1/2 only.  Really not much of a "fizzer" & it pretty much sunk to the bottom like a rock & just kind of fizzled a bit.  I got kind of annoyed so I ended up crushing it after a bit & mixed it around in the water until it dissolved.  It was still extremely delightful, the honey & floral scent, moisturizing oils.  1/2 was definitely enough.

I would say I would buy this particular product of theirs again, regardless of the fizzing or not, even at full price.  Unlike Lush bath ballistics where you could be paying up to $7 for 1, they're a bitch to cut into halves, and usually 1/2 of theirs just doesn't cut it on a bath. (I still love Lush!)  Just keeping it real.  I did also buy a shampoo bar of theirs that I haven't tried yet & this experience had opened up the door to wanting me to try more of their products!

Check them out if you can! 
One Bath & Body can also be found on Facebook.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daily bath September 25, 2011

The majority of the Savour products were 1/2 off at my local Target on Transit in Williamsville. I'm kind of hit & miss with what I like & don't like as far as their scents go.  I'll go more into detail about my stash later.  The whole place is a mess because they are going through a huge redesign.  New products!  More products!  More food!  It will be like a Super Walmart but not even remotely as trashy as one!

Oh!  A lot of the One brand items were 1/2 off also!  Good deals!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Daily bath September 21, 2011,default,pd.html?cgid=babyWashesAndSoaps&start=5&q=#start=5

I'll mostly be linking to Lush's UK site because if you order a lot from them (I'm talking hundreds of dollars) like I can, you can actually end up saving hundreds just by ordering overseas, even with shipping.  Unfortunately, The only product I seem to have trouble with, time & time again is their bath ballistics.  The very 1st order I placed with them everything came absolutely perfect.  Year after year after that, the bath ballistics are now coming crushed.  Think I will try just a few new products & stick with a few old favorites but no stocking up anymore.  Time to move on & expand my horizons to all the amazing products out there.

I try so hard to support the USPS but sometimes....

Sometimes they just piss me off so bad.  So when one of my eBay packages, being shipped from AZ, ended up in NJ, I knew something was wrong.  Normally stuff ends up in Rochester before it gets to me.  & it was in NJ on the date that the package was supposed to have been delivered on.  So there's something wrong.  I called & sent an e-mail.  When I called USPS, the woman on the phone was no help & a jerk about it even though that package stayed in NJ for 2 days.

Monday I received a call from the postmaster at my local office, who I have talked to before.  I noticed at that time that package tracking said it was in PA so he told me that was a main hub for us & I figured that it was finally on its way to me & I should have it any day.  It was for 2 bottles of Philosophy Cinnamon Buns.

Then today, this is what I received!

Since I have a box they throw it in I didn't get this until about 1/2 hour ago.  If I would have had to go to the post to pick it up I would have had them just do a return to sender.  So I got 1 bottle, God only knows what happened to the other, & since the package was opened I was hoping what was in there was salvageable, but it was not.

So, I snapped these photos, tied the bag back up, sent an e-mail to the person I got the items from.  It was free shipping but this was not a good way to ship products of this type & I am surprised there is not more feedback as far as busted items in shipping.  I always try to get things resolves 1st & the feedback seems like I shouldn't have a problem.  I still want the items & even offered to pay for small box priority because it's, I think just under $5 to ship it that way & it would still be worth it.

I'm sad because one was for me & another was going to be a gift.  Poo.

In addition to that I am having terrible tum issues, we have a new insect invading our bathroom sink (nothing destructive, more on this later!), our new DVR is not working in our living room & it may be a wiring issue so a tech will be coming out on Friday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes it's not always about soap.

So today I came home from work & the kitchen smelled like sausage & things were a mess & I was disgusted & I knew I had a lot of things I had to do & I didn't want to do them & I felt myself getting in a rut & I was getting tired & I was ready to fell asleep on my comfy bed but my cat wanted to play rough & bit me.  Yes, I can complain & complain. So I decided to be productive.

We have a mat outside our front door in our common area that had salt crusted on it from last winter so I took it down to the laundry area & washed it off.  I took all the newspapers & bags they were in from the laundry garbage out for recycling.  I cleaned up all the loose cat food on the floor, put Milton's food in an easy access plastic container, & put the large stock back in the back of the pantry until it actually needs to be used because it was in the way & becoming a mess.

Then I did something I have been meaning to do.  Last year for my birthday, Chris' sister & mother got me a beautiful red gerbera daisy in a red pot.  I have kept it in the common area because there it is safe from my cat & gets more light.  Since then they have redone the common area walls and carpet & Chris also got me a small victory rose pot last week.  I needed a good pot to put the roses in but I wanted something to go well in the common area & also with the daisy.  So we went on a hunt for new pots.  We ended up finding these at Home Depot:

Unfortunately the daisy hasn't bloomed since I got it.  Maybe someday.  Maybe.  This is what The 2 looked like before they were re-potted.  You can barely see the roses.  Once I removed it from the wrapping it was mostly dead leaves anyway.  Poor thing.

Here I am putting the daisy into the pot with some new soil.


Here is the finished product!

Very nice!  Now, I also had a vision of tearing down some walls to open up some space between my kitchen & living room.  Then also moving my bedroom furniture into my small bedroom & making the master bedroom like a lounge.  Why waste all that space if all I really do is sleep in that room?

And did I mention (I know I didn't so I don't know why I am even asking) I got 25, YES TWENTY FIVE, bars of soap yesterday?  Only a few of them are duplicates and they all smell fantastic!  I cannot wait to try them out.

I think I will have my bath now & then a nap.  Still feeling quite exhausted.  Here are my flowers at their new home in the common area.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily bath September 18, 2011

  • Honey & Almond bubble bath I picked up at Tops.
  • Strawberry Dream Bar soap from Brandon Essentials.
  • Sweet Dreams (fresh cream) as shampoo and body wash from Philosophy

If I could get just a little bit of cinnamon into this somewhere I would smell like fried ice cream.  Yummmm.

Unfortunately Brandon Essentials is a soap company from Calgary, Alberta, Canada that no longer exists.  I had purchased soaps from them a few times before they closed up shop.  I had been holding onto this bar for a while & I just felt like now would be a good time to use it.

Almost time for bed.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yankee Candle Mixology - Tropical Fruit Salad

This is probably the best thing that Yankee Candle has ever come up with!  It's listed under their website as the Everyday Ceramic Votive Holder but what's so awesome about it is that it fits up to 3 different votive, or sampler (samps). YC has used the term Mixology on many occasions so there are a lot of posts on their Facebook discussion board with different mixes of votive candles.  I also found an amazing archive of mixology!

The site advises to use 2 or 3 of their samplers with the holder but I did 1st try it with 2 & would recommend to always use 3.  If you really feel like using only 2, use an unscented as a 3rd or another sampler of the scent that is less dominating.  Otherwise the wax all drains into the 3rd chamber & it burns through very quickly.

Right now I am near the end of my summer tropical fruit salad mixology which consists of:

Here is a picture of my current mixology at work.  What a nice warm glow.  How lovely!

Unfortunately I slept most of the day because I felt nauseous.  Time to pay bills, do crafts & then my bath.  Or maybe just my bath & some TV for now.

I think what really made my day was this card I received from Brown Betty today.  The Inside just read "LOL!" This was on the front:

Daily bath September 16, 2011

Weather has been changing, no more 80 degrees it seems anymore so it's time to put away the summer fruits & bring out the crisper & more comforting scents now.  I love autumn.  I love winter.  Oh and how I LOVE snow!  I cannot even tell you how much I missed it when I lived in California for a few years.  Christmas was just not the same & much more depressing.  But autumn scents & winter scents do differ.

I am not going to label the daily baths when I do these posts.  Still getting used to these.  Will include links to the companies & products, if still available.

Not feeling all that well so it was an epsom salt kind of night.  Lavender night also since I decided to have coffee at an abnormally late hour for myself (but it was oh so good!) & I was hoping the bath would put me in a more catatonic type state, then to sleep.  Yeah, not working.  This is when benadryl will come into the mix. Mostly because the ragweed is good & plenty in the forested area behind my home.  Figured I will kill 2 birds w/1 stone.  Insomnia & the insane hay fever I get.

The epsom salts come in a nice size bag & usually Walgreens have deals or coupons for them.  Since you aren't supposed to use them every day, they last a good long while.  Helped well with my aches tonight.  The other products are not available on the company sites.  Unsure if the soap is available in Wick-edly Sent's actual store or not as I have seen a big difference in what is carried in store & what is available on-line.  Then again, I am not in there every day & maybe I am just in there at the wrong times.  Love all these things and hope to go into more details on them later.

When I have a moment I am also going to send an e-mail to a company that I get some bath salts from a discount store & loved them but couldn't find much info on them.  I got a website in which I received a catalog w/some basic information about the products & an order form but it looks like they are trying to sell them wholesale & I couldn't really find anyone else that was selling their products.

Sorry this seems like teaser information right now.  More reviews soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Epsom vs. Dead Sea salts.

I hope you enjoy my picture I made.  And to think I obtained a regents diploma in high school (which only matters in NY) due to how wonderful I am at art & all the art classes I took!  This blog post is not about my art though.  It's about the differences in epsom & Dead Sea salts & their uses in the bath & body world!

In the battle of epsom vs. dead sea salts, to me the benefits of the Dead Sea salts outweighs the benefits of epsom salts in many ways.  Both are known to relax, detoxify, reduce inflammation, soften skin, & help w/muscle tension, & aches & pains.  Also, both are known to be used in skin exfoliation.

You will most likely find Dead Sea salts in the majority of "salt" bath products that you use ranging from bath salts to scrubs, in bath bombs, soaps, shampoos & even facial masks.  They are called Dead Sea salts due to the fact they come from the Dead Sea.  So what makes them so beneficial?  The dead sea salts contain MANY minerals which are known to help ailments such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, allergies & signs of skin aging with regular use.

Epsom salt, or its mineral name, Epsomite, is made up of magnesium sulfate & was named after the mineral springs of Epsom, in Surrey, England.  Besides what was listed above in what both of the salts have in common, epsom salts are also known to be ingested for use as a laxative, or taken intravenously in first aid situations including severe asthma attacks.  Bathing is also known to relieve itching & lesions in genital herpes outbreaks.  So, there are more medical benefits to epsom salts than pampering or beauty benefits.   You also have to be very careful with usage of epsom salts as they can increase levels of  magnesium in your body, dangerously lower blood pressure, even cause an allergic reaction.

Many companies also combine essential oils to these salts which may or many not cause an allergic reaction so it's good to know what you are allergic to or keep a list of any adverse reactions you have to products.  I did have an epsom bath once where I probably stayed in the bath for a bit too long & when I got out I knew my blood pressure was dangerously low & started to have trouble breathing.  It was very scary but I recovered.

And now for my review.

Nature Spa headache relief bath soak.  I bought this at Marshall's for about $6.  Tried to research the company online & came up with nothing except that a few companies are selling the product for close to $17.  It contains Dead Sea salt, rosemary oil & perfume.  The instructions are to use 1/4 of the salts in a bath, soaking for about 20 minutes, rinse, & then rest for about 1/2-1 hour before resuming normal daily activities.  Since I used this at night, normal daily activities was sleeping for the rest of the night!  So the bottle should last 4 baths.

When I opened the jar it smelled FANTASTIC!  My migraine had downgraded to a headache last night so I was hoping this would kick the little annoyance that was left over & give me a good nights sleep.  Sometimes when I take a bath I like to soak my washcloth in the wonderfully scented water & then place it on my face, over my eyes & just above my nostrils so I can take in more of the scent.  As soon as these salts hit the water... no scent.  I was actually amazed at the lack of scent.  So I let them dissolve, soaked my washcloth & still, no scent.  Nothing.

So 2 thumbs down for this product.  Still enjoyed the rest of my bath.  Maybe next time I have a headache I will just open the bottle & breathe in deep instead of using them in the bath!

Took a few Philosophy products into work today to have the girls sniff them.  Oh for the love of bath products!

Monday, September 12, 2011

To cure the headache.

I have been on & off suffering w/migraines & headaches for the last 6 days.  I have tried a lot of holistic ways to treat them, including bath products, essential oils, candles, vitamins.  Usually those do not work unless it is in a very mild stage where my body has decided it doesn't want to, eventually, blow it up into a full migraine.

So it had been hard to tell when & what will & will not work.  I have, unfortunately, gone the route of getting a neurologist & have been trying out different medications now.  So, the most recent bout of this pain in my (ass) head had to do with a quick stop to the amitriptyline I was on & starting at a low dose of topamax, which I will eventually work up to a higher dose. (The quick stop, instead of tapering off, was due to the major drug interaction between the 2.) And on top of that all I am on my period!

UGH!  I just sneezed & boy was that painful.

So, tonight I am trying some bath salts that are meant to help relieve headaches & I hope to review them tomorrow when I am feeling a bit better.  So no giving away how they worked & what they were... yet.

I also just realized Christmas is not far away & so I can't post some of my goodies I get on here because of them being gifts!  No spoiling the surprises!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Free Bath & Body Works lotion!

Bath & Body Works is giving away a free bottle of their Charmed Life 2 oz. lotion w/this coupon.  Sorry this is so late as tomorrow is the last day it is good to use!  Valid in USA only.  Online or in stores.

If you "like" them on facebook they usually post stuff like this all the time.  Usually the problem is they post things that can only be used for one day so I can't take advantage of them.  Boo.  Like I really need anything else!  You'll agree when I post pics of my stash!

I was able to scope out some of their new fall scents.  Chris, my manpanion (I'll explain later) really likes the Marshmallow Fireside & we both really liked the Cinnamon Sugared Donut! YUM!  There were a lot of lovely smells to be had but I was good & resisted temptation.  Even though I was tempted I also didn't buy from the 50% off table which had some nice summer products that are going away.  Picked up my free lotion & then went to Yankee Candle to sniff candles there! *Which, BTW their tarts & samplers are all $1 & tomorrow is the last day!  Also, I was good & didn't buy anything.  I just bought some stuff there last week!

More later!

I don't make soap.

The subject says it all.  I don't make soap or fine soap products.  I have pondered the idea but there are SO many other people out there that already do, & do a good job of it too!  AND know what they are doing.  I know very little about it but I do love trying all sorts of products from new people, learning about their processes & what makes them great or different from others.  I love companies who are animal & environmental friendly also & most are these days.

I know there is cold processing & hot processing & from what I have read, cold processing is better, creates a milder soap for the skin.  That it is impossible to create soap without lye. (If I am wrong on this & someone has beat the system on soap making w/out lye, get in contact with me!)  There are body washes, shampoos & detergents that have & do not have SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate).  Castile soaps are supposedly the most gentle soaps created using 100% olive oil.  There is great debate over which is better, sugar scrubs, or salt scrubs?

 I'm hoping once I re-organize all my products I can take some pictures & post them.  When my mother used to do cross stitch she had SO MANY books w/patterns & I used to joke with her & tell her that she must complete a project from every single book & it would take her the rest of her life to do it.  So my father mentioned something the other day about how I have so many bath products it will take me the rest of my life to use up all of them.  He's probably right.  I do stock up on certain things that I do give out as gifts also though.  Eventually I will also post the amazing transformation that my bathroom went when I purchased this place.  It was horrid!

I am expecting some eBay items today.  USPS tracking isn't very good.  Until the mail comes I think I am going to work on some decos.  Eventually I'll explain these.  Oh, I also collect postage stamps, & photograph & try to identify insects in my community.  I hate spiders though.  Like, phobia hate, run out of room screaming at the tiniest one hate.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's make a deal.

I like to scope out eBay all the time for deals on products I love & to also try new things.  I try to be a smart shopper though.  If something is currently available retail, I'll actually search the retail sites where it's available & see if I am really getting a good deal through eBay or not.  I think that a lot of people also do not take shipping costs into consideration & that's not good.  You might be getting a good deal on a products but then pay $20 for priority shipping when they may be paying just under $5 to ship it. (& USPS provides the boxes & envelopes for free unless they are the prepaid ones.)  I also do not like getting into bidding wars with people.  So if I can find a good deal under Buy It Now, I usually go that route.

Here are some things I received in the mail today that were purchased through eBay!

I LOVE Philosophy products & have a lot of them so you will see me post about them a lot.  Lavender Pound Cake probably has to be my all time favorite.  So, when I found out it was discontinued, I was heartbroken.  Especially due to the fact that I was running out of my only bottle.

So, how are these deals?

The philosophy items were purchased through plentycosas at $16.20-$16.50 each with free shipping.  Unless on sale, 16 oz.philosophy items usually start at $16.00.  So for discontinued items that are hard to find anyway AND free shipping, it's a deal w/a markup cost of only $0.20-$0.50 each.

The Stila Mandarin Mist is also a discontinued item & their 50ml fragrances retail at $40.  So when I saw this on eBay being sold by sunshinedeals1 for $14.94 ($9.99 + $4.95 shipping), that's a HUGE deal!

For searching tips, when I am looking for something particular, I always change the location to Worldwide & I always sort by Price + Shipping: Lowest First.  These both came back as the lowest & I am very happy to have them in my posession.

Now, about the items.

I have a love/hate relationship with the scent of lavender, so when I 1st picked up the Lavender Pound Cake & took a deep breath in of a pound cake scent with a hint of lemon, I was in comfort heaven.  I'm wondering if they used any lavender fragrance at all in this, even the tiniest amount?  I have a sensitive nose so usually I can tell right away if something even has a hint of lavender in it, but I can't smell any at all.  The Muffin Man smells exactly like another (also discontinued) item of theirs, Lemon Custard.  The bottle tells a story about lemon custard muffins but I am wondering if the 2 are one & one alike, most likely just released at different times?  I was hoping The Muffin Man would have a little more bakery-type smell to it, but if you like how lemon custard smells, you'll love this.

I also love how most philosophy items can be used as shampoo, shower gel, AND bubble baths.  I like to use them as shampoos & shower gels the most because I adore the light scent they leave in my hair & on my skin.  They lather very well but, I've never found their products to be great as bubble baths as you have to use a hefty amount to get a good amount of bubble in the bath, up to 6 cap fulls or more.  2 will leave a light foam that dissipates in a rather short time.  Save the product for your skin & hair & the product will last a lot longer.

As for the Stila Mandarin Mist, I've read a few reviews from other people on this who advise it have a very orange-type scent to it.  I completely disagree.  Stila advised the products has hints mimosa & yuzu mixed with florals.  I think the floral slightly outweighs the mandarin-type scent.  Mandarin and orange are very different scents, though both in the citrus line, & I can definitely pick up the "mandarin" in this fragrance but do not find it to be overpowering at all.  I wish I knew what floral scents they used for it.  I find it a very light scent that if used throughout the day. may need to be re-applied.  I would probably say this is a better fragrance for a date, an early night out on the town, or a sophisticated party.  Not something you would wear to work or daily.  Its intoxicating scent is mixed well & I can't determine yet if I would place it into specific seasons it may be good for.  Definitely summer & maybe I'll add it into autumn & winter once those come.


It took me a while to decide on the name of this blog & what to do as an opening post.  I was thinking this post should be more along the lines of a resume.  What are my objectives of this blog?  These objectives may seem meaningless though if you do not know me personally.  So, a bit about me to start.

My name is Amanda.  I reside in Western New York w/my boyfriend & my cat.  I love many different things & a lot of them can stir up a, "Huh? What?" if I try explaining them to the general public.  Example, some of the music I listen to, & deco or slam swaps.  I'm sure I will touch basis on these in future posts.  My main obsession lies w/fine soaps & bath products, hence the blog name, "The Soap Lady."

I have obtained the nickname The Soap Lady from my girlfriends, the Betties.  One day when we were all together, Bobcat (BTW, we all have nicknames starting w/the letter B) gave me a gift of actual soap in the shape of The Soap Lady from the Mutter Museum & Brown immediately stated, "You ARE the soap lady!"  To learn a little bit about the actual soap lady, see the video below.  Beware, it is quite creepy.

What I hope to really accomplish with this blog is to review products I love in the bath & body line, & occasionally other things.  Get new products, new companies or small businesses out there by providing information on what they have & links as to how you can get their products.  Some products may even be old or discontinued just to log a few of my most favorite things.

I hope to log my daily bath & the products that were used.  Scent mixing in bath products & also candles.  I want the blog to be informative & also fun.  I would enjoy recommendations also from others.  Comments & suggestions are welcome.

That is all for now!