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Thursday, September 8, 2011


It took me a while to decide on the name of this blog & what to do as an opening post.  I was thinking this post should be more along the lines of a resume.  What are my objectives of this blog?  These objectives may seem meaningless though if you do not know me personally.  So, a bit about me to start.

My name is Amanda.  I reside in Western New York w/my boyfriend & my cat.  I love many different things & a lot of them can stir up a, "Huh? What?" if I try explaining them to the general public.  Example, some of the music I listen to, & deco or slam swaps.  I'm sure I will touch basis on these in future posts.  My main obsession lies w/fine soaps & bath products, hence the blog name, "The Soap Lady."

I have obtained the nickname The Soap Lady from my girlfriends, the Betties.  One day when we were all together, Bobcat (BTW, we all have nicknames starting w/the letter B) gave me a gift of actual soap in the shape of The Soap Lady from the Mutter Museum & Brown immediately stated, "You ARE the soap lady!"  To learn a little bit about the actual soap lady, see the video below.  Beware, it is quite creepy.

What I hope to really accomplish with this blog is to review products I love in the bath & body line, & occasionally other things.  Get new products, new companies or small businesses out there by providing information on what they have & links as to how you can get their products.  Some products may even be old or discontinued just to log a few of my most favorite things.

I hope to log my daily bath & the products that were used.  Scent mixing in bath products & also candles.  I want the blog to be informative & also fun.  I would enjoy recommendations also from others.  Comments & suggestions are welcome.

That is all for now!

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