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Monday, September 12, 2011

To cure the headache.

I have been on & off suffering w/migraines & headaches for the last 6 days.  I have tried a lot of holistic ways to treat them, including bath products, essential oils, candles, vitamins.  Usually those do not work unless it is in a very mild stage where my body has decided it doesn't want to, eventually, blow it up into a full migraine.

So it had been hard to tell when & what will & will not work.  I have, unfortunately, gone the route of getting a neurologist & have been trying out different medications now.  So, the most recent bout of this pain in my (ass) head had to do with a quick stop to the amitriptyline I was on & starting at a low dose of topamax, which I will eventually work up to a higher dose. (The quick stop, instead of tapering off, was due to the major drug interaction between the 2.) And on top of that all I am on my period!

UGH!  I just sneezed & boy was that painful.

So, tonight I am trying some bath salts that are meant to help relieve headaches & I hope to review them tomorrow when I am feeling a bit better.  So no giving away how they worked & what they were... yet.

I also just realized Christmas is not far away & so I can't post some of my goodies I get on here because of them being gifts!  No spoiling the surprises!

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