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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes it's not always about soap.

So today I came home from work & the kitchen smelled like sausage & things were a mess & I was disgusted & I knew I had a lot of things I had to do & I didn't want to do them & I felt myself getting in a rut & I was getting tired & I was ready to fell asleep on my comfy bed but my cat wanted to play rough & bit me.  Yes, I can complain & complain. So I decided to be productive.

We have a mat outside our front door in our common area that had salt crusted on it from last winter so I took it down to the laundry area & washed it off.  I took all the newspapers & bags they were in from the laundry garbage out for recycling.  I cleaned up all the loose cat food on the floor, put Milton's food in an easy access plastic container, & put the large stock back in the back of the pantry until it actually needs to be used because it was in the way & becoming a mess.

Then I did something I have been meaning to do.  Last year for my birthday, Chris' sister & mother got me a beautiful red gerbera daisy in a red pot.  I have kept it in the common area because there it is safe from my cat & gets more light.  Since then they have redone the common area walls and carpet & Chris also got me a small victory rose pot last week.  I needed a good pot to put the roses in but I wanted something to go well in the common area & also with the daisy.  So we went on a hunt for new pots.  We ended up finding these at Home Depot:

Unfortunately the daisy hasn't bloomed since I got it.  Maybe someday.  Maybe.  This is what The 2 looked like before they were re-potted.  You can barely see the roses.  Once I removed it from the wrapping it was mostly dead leaves anyway.  Poor thing.

Here I am putting the daisy into the pot with some new soil.


Here is the finished product!

Very nice!  Now, I also had a vision of tearing down some walls to open up some space between my kitchen & living room.  Then also moving my bedroom furniture into my small bedroom & making the master bedroom like a lounge.  Why waste all that space if all I really do is sleep in that room?

And did I mention (I know I didn't so I don't know why I am even asking) I got 25, YES TWENTY FIVE, bars of soap yesterday?  Only a few of them are duplicates and they all smell fantastic!  I cannot wait to try them out.

I think I will have my bath now & then a nap.  Still feeling quite exhausted.  Here are my flowers at their new home in the common area.

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