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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I try so hard to support the USPS but sometimes....

Sometimes they just piss me off so bad.  So when one of my eBay packages, being shipped from AZ, ended up in NJ, I knew something was wrong.  Normally stuff ends up in Rochester before it gets to me.  & it was in NJ on the date that the package was supposed to have been delivered on.  So there's something wrong.  I called & sent an e-mail.  When I called USPS, the woman on the phone was no help & a jerk about it even though that package stayed in NJ for 2 days.

Monday I received a call from the postmaster at my local office, who I have talked to before.  I noticed at that time that package tracking said it was in PA so he told me that was a main hub for us & I figured that it was finally on its way to me & I should have it any day.  It was for 2 bottles of Philosophy Cinnamon Buns.

Then today, this is what I received!

Since I have a box they throw it in I didn't get this until about 1/2 hour ago.  If I would have had to go to the post to pick it up I would have had them just do a return to sender.  So I got 1 bottle, God only knows what happened to the other, & since the package was opened I was hoping what was in there was salvageable, but it was not.

So, I snapped these photos, tied the bag back up, sent an e-mail to the person I got the items from.  It was free shipping but this was not a good way to ship products of this type & I am surprised there is not more feedback as far as busted items in shipping.  I always try to get things resolves 1st & the feedback seems like I shouldn't have a problem.  I still want the items & even offered to pay for small box priority because it's, I think just under $5 to ship it that way & it would still be worth it.

I'm sad because one was for me & another was going to be a gift.  Poo.

In addition to that I am having terrible tum issues, we have a new insect invading our bathroom sink (nothing destructive, more on this later!), our new DVR is not working in our living room & it may be a wiring issue so a tech will be coming out on Friday.

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