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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Epsom vs. Dead Sea salts.

I hope you enjoy my picture I made.  And to think I obtained a regents diploma in high school (which only matters in NY) due to how wonderful I am at art & all the art classes I took!  This blog post is not about my art though.  It's about the differences in epsom & Dead Sea salts & their uses in the bath & body world!

In the battle of epsom vs. dead sea salts, to me the benefits of the Dead Sea salts outweighs the benefits of epsom salts in many ways.  Both are known to relax, detoxify, reduce inflammation, soften skin, & help w/muscle tension, & aches & pains.  Also, both are known to be used in skin exfoliation.

You will most likely find Dead Sea salts in the majority of "salt" bath products that you use ranging from bath salts to scrubs, in bath bombs, soaps, shampoos & even facial masks.  They are called Dead Sea salts due to the fact they come from the Dead Sea.  So what makes them so beneficial?  The dead sea salts contain MANY minerals which are known to help ailments such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, allergies & signs of skin aging with regular use.

Epsom salt, or its mineral name, Epsomite, is made up of magnesium sulfate & was named after the mineral springs of Epsom, in Surrey, England.  Besides what was listed above in what both of the salts have in common, epsom salts are also known to be ingested for use as a laxative, or taken intravenously in first aid situations including severe asthma attacks.  Bathing is also known to relieve itching & lesions in genital herpes outbreaks.  So, there are more medical benefits to epsom salts than pampering or beauty benefits.   You also have to be very careful with usage of epsom salts as they can increase levels of  magnesium in your body, dangerously lower blood pressure, even cause an allergic reaction.

Many companies also combine essential oils to these salts which may or many not cause an allergic reaction so it's good to know what you are allergic to or keep a list of any adverse reactions you have to products.  I did have an epsom bath once where I probably stayed in the bath for a bit too long & when I got out I knew my blood pressure was dangerously low & started to have trouble breathing.  It was very scary but I recovered.

And now for my review.

Nature Spa headache relief bath soak.  I bought this at Marshall's for about $6.  Tried to research the company online & came up with nothing except that a few companies are selling the product for close to $17.  It contains Dead Sea salt, rosemary oil & perfume.  The instructions are to use 1/4 of the salts in a bath, soaking for about 20 minutes, rinse, & then rest for about 1/2-1 hour before resuming normal daily activities.  Since I used this at night, normal daily activities was sleeping for the rest of the night!  So the bottle should last 4 baths.

When I opened the jar it smelled FANTASTIC!  My migraine had downgraded to a headache last night so I was hoping this would kick the little annoyance that was left over & give me a good nights sleep.  Sometimes when I take a bath I like to soak my washcloth in the wonderfully scented water & then place it on my face, over my eyes & just above my nostrils so I can take in more of the scent.  As soon as these salts hit the water... no scent.  I was actually amazed at the lack of scent.  So I let them dissolve, soaked my washcloth & still, no scent.  Nothing.

So 2 thumbs down for this product.  Still enjoyed the rest of my bath.  Maybe next time I have a headache I will just open the bottle & breathe in deep instead of using them in the bath!

Took a few Philosophy products into work today to have the girls sniff them.  Oh for the love of bath products!

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