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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daily bath September 16, 2011

Weather has been changing, no more 80 degrees it seems anymore so it's time to put away the summer fruits & bring out the crisper & more comforting scents now.  I love autumn.  I love winter.  Oh and how I LOVE snow!  I cannot even tell you how much I missed it when I lived in California for a few years.  Christmas was just not the same & much more depressing.  But autumn scents & winter scents do differ.

I am not going to label the daily baths when I do these posts.  Still getting used to these.  Will include links to the companies & products, if still available.

Not feeling all that well so it was an epsom salt kind of night.  Lavender night also since I decided to have coffee at an abnormally late hour for myself (but it was oh so good!) & I was hoping the bath would put me in a more catatonic type state, then to sleep.  Yeah, not working.  This is when benadryl will come into the mix. Mostly because the ragweed is good & plenty in the forested area behind my home.  Figured I will kill 2 birds w/1 stone.  Insomnia & the insane hay fever I get.

The epsom salts come in a nice size bag & usually Walgreens have deals or coupons for them.  Since you aren't supposed to use them every day, they last a good long while.  Helped well with my aches tonight.  The other products are not available on the company sites.  Unsure if the soap is available in Wick-edly Sent's actual store or not as I have seen a big difference in what is carried in store & what is available on-line.  Then again, I am not in there every day & maybe I am just in there at the wrong times.  Love all these things and hope to go into more details on them later.

When I have a moment I am also going to send an e-mail to a company that I get some bath salts from a discount store & loved them but couldn't find much info on them.  I got a website in which I received a catalog w/some basic information about the products & an order form but it looks like they are trying to sell them wholesale & I couldn't really find anyone else that was selling their products.

Sorry this seems like teaser information right now.  More reviews soon!

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