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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skin unbelieveable...

Last December I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed.  If you have had below the neck, or above the waist surgeries you must get used to the fact of having strangers poke, prod, and see your nakedness and bobbies (if you are a woman, or a rather large man).  You will be felt up as a necessity for the surgery.  So, when I was having my arms & torso (that is such an odd word, isn't it?) examined the nurses kept exclaiming how soft my skin was & asking if I had a secret.

No secret.  I WISH I had one. To be honest my skin is no where near perfect.  I'm no supermodel, never will be & they're airbrushed anyway.  Being an artist & crafty I will always have those "artist hands."  I have my rough spots that I exfoliate & take care of, got my other spots that are just kind of WTF, & w/me fighting off big pharma & genes... well, that's life.  That's life for millions of girls & women out there.  And I see SO many beautiful females depressed about the way they look & stupid little imperfections when I think they look amazing, or even wish I looked like them!  Yes, because I get that way too!

Overall your skin is easy to maintain if you keep it clean, exfoliate, & moisturize. 


I have been fighting a nasty cold the last few days now since I came back from Rochester.  Most of my time has been spent on the couch, coughing, feeling icky & drinking juice.

I came up with a nice combination of bath scents & products I really enjoyed the other day & received an awesome package from one of my BFFs in the mail today that contained some handmade soaps of her own!  I also swear, there is a never ending array of bath goodness I have yet to discover in this world!  So I really need to get on the ball of updating this.

Feeling good enough for this post so maybe I can do something more exciting in my next post.  Wish there were a few more followers.  Send me an e-mail or give a shout out & say HELLO if I don't know you may be out there.  Tell me something you might be interested in seeing on here.

Take care everyone!

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