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Friday, October 21, 2011

Beauty rest... all weekend.

But 1st, my daily bath as of tonight. - If you have a cold or the flu, C.O. Bigelow makes this stuff called Cold and Flu Soak Herbal Formula (simple, right?) & it is truly the most AMAZING bath I have ever had when not feeling well.  It really helps with the aches, congestion, & when you get out you want to curl up & go to sleep.  It is not going to cure you but I have NEVER found anything remotely close that calls itself a cold/flu soak that will leave you feeling like this does.  Bath & Body Works used to carry it with their line (that's how I discovered it) but stopped carrying it last year, no clue why, so you have to buy it directly from them, unless you can find a deal through another site somewhere.

So, yesterday, after missing like 2 & 1/2 days of work fighting off an awful cold & congestion I started feeling a lot better.  I went in to work & had an appointment set up for later w/my neurologist, still had a nagging cough.  They called me wanted me to come in early or cancel my appointment that I made specifically for later so I would not miss work, so I ended up missing work by going in early.  Everyone else I know has had a CT or MRI done before their 1st neuro appointment & they have never done one on me.  I am not too keen on the doctor they gave me & how I am being shifted around on medications so we decided to set one up.  He acted like I could get one that day so I waited around for approval... & waited, waited & waited.  Around 3:30 PM (I had been waiting since 1:00 PM) they finally told me they were going to set it up for a weekend in November.  So I got pretty pissed because I wasted away a whole unpaid day of work.

I figured I would do some overtime at work on Saturday to make up.  I when to the pharm, picked up some cough suppressant, headed home, got pissed off at a teen driving mommy & daddy's expensive lexus, got inside, took some of the cough suppressant, then don't remember much else except for taking a bath & then waking up at close to 4:00 AM & having an awful coughing fit & just feeling like my lungs were overwhelmed with congestion.

I pretty much only went into work today because I had obtained free passes to a preview of Puss In Boots & wanted to drop them off for some of the girls I work with because I know they have kids who would enjoy going to see a movie & they would enjoy not paying for it!  No clue how I got on this list.  Probably when I was out in Los Angeles I got on one.  They were more fun out there because you used to get to see them in pre-production & then get picked to be in focus groups to help shape the movie before they were even in post-production.

Anyway, so my supervisor comes in, mentions something about having pneumonia & I immediately start freaking out a bit.  History of upper respiratory problems & being on/off steroids I need know & avoid these things.  So I know I have to go to the doctor regardless, was going to go anyway, but it only confirmed my fear of how I felt this morning.  I set up an appointment, go in, no pneumonia (YAY) but I'm banished from talking & going out all weekend, & I should be drinking lots of black tea w/honey.


So after my bath I...

  • lathered on some Vicks VapoRub
  • had some cough medicine with codeine in it
  • & took a Sudafed for the congestion.

I'll probably be out like a light soon.  Since my other cold symptoms are gone though & I am under house arrest, this is a bad time for me to do online shopping!  I online shop a lot when I am stuck inside.  OMG!  I just remembered some things I want to write about tomorrow... please remember CANDLES.

There may have been a problem with posting comments.  There may still be.  I'm not sure. I think I fixed it.  Or you can always e-mail me.  Time to pass out in front of the TV before I pass out in front of this.

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