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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Make One Switch to Purina ONE® Cat food.

I had been selected to "review" Purina ONE® dry cat food and my kitties couldn't have been more excited!  Ok, so I personally am not reviewing this, my cats are.  As I'm sure you are also aware, my cats also cannot speak to me like a human.  So if I were to interview them about this I would either be (a) ignored, or (b) meowed at in which I would have no clue how to translate.  Instead, this post will mostly be about the product and I'll try to do my best job translating how my cat felt about it.

I received a bag of  their Chicken & Turkey dry cat food and 'Alohi couldn't have been any more excited!  My gosh, she made it known!

So, why make the One Switch?

Purina has been an innovator on creating products to help us take care of our pets for over 85 years.  From being the first pet food in grocery with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, lowering their environmental impact by reducing water usage and waste, to formulating their foods with SMARTBLEND® to provide your pet with balanced nutrition.  If you click on the picture above it will take you to their site where you can compare their brand to others.  It shows for each product selected, their top 5 ingredients all the way down to vitamins, helping you select what's best for your cat!  You'll see they're quite comparable.  Unsure if it's right for you?  Ask your vet!

Cats can be sensitive to food changes so it's imperative that you do it gradually.  Purina shows you how easy it can be to make the One Switch in a week!
  • Days 1–2: Introduce Purina ONE to your cat in small amounts, still feeding primarily his or her old food.
  • Days 3–4: Feed a little bit more Purina ONE to your cat each day.
  • Days 5–6: Gradually increase the amount of Purina ONE food and decrease your cat’s former food until you are feeding Purina ONE exclusively.
  • Days 7–10: By now you should be feeding your cat exclusively Purina ONE.

Unfortunately my older kitty came down with a bad bout of diarrhea before I even got the food and is now on a diet of prescription food and meds before I can even attempt to switch him, but my younger cat, 'Alohi, made the One Switch!  As you can see in the video above she was so excited.

Their old food, which they both shared, after I would feed them they would eat just a little and then go about their cat day, doing cat things.  Then eat a little more here and there, but there would always be a little left in the bowls, or pieces all over the floor by the bowl. With the Purina ONE, she is fed and it's gone quickly leaving her full and satisfied until her next feeding.  I know this because if she wasn't she would make it known!  You heard how loud she is!

Milton wishes he could have made the One Switch.
Once Milton's tummy settles down I hope I can make the One Switch with him.  Based off the information I have, I'm confident in their product.  Plus they make a Sensitive Systems food which I think could be best to feed them both.

The prices can range dramatically depending where you get it, but Purina has set up a pretty good Where to Buy page.  Put in the food and size you are looking for and under "Shop Online" you can see competitors and their pricing.  While you're on their page, go & register to get a $2 off coupon!

This is a sponsored post. I received this as a free sample from Influenster & Purina ONE to try, review, and supply my honest opinion.

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