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Monday, April 20, 2015

Reviews of a trio of products by Adeline Skin Care.


Adeline was founded by a man named Mark and his wife.  Below is their mission from their website, and then my review of their 3 products I have tested:

A Digital, Boutique Company - We have chosen to start small and focus on quality and the customer experience. We may not be the biggest but we are the best at what we do. We deliver results that deliver results that don’t contain nasty chemicals and other additives. We do this because we have our customers at the top of our mind, all the time.
Forward Thinking - We are always trying to innovate and create better products. We also try to think outside the product and think about the user of the product. How does the bottle feel in their hand? How does the bottle function? Is it easy to use it? Does the user feel educated? These  questions we constantly think about at Adeline Skin Care.
Problem Solvers - We know alot of the time skin care products end up in the skin care graveyard because they don’t deliver the results or don’t meet the expectation. We want to avoid that with education and science.
Customer Support - We pride ourselves in our “bottom of the bottle” guarantee. We love our customers and we want them to love us and love using our products. We will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied.

  • Retails $59.95 for 0.5oz.
  • About the product:
    • MOISTURIZE skin around your eyes with natural ingredients to reduce the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines.
    • REDUCE dark circles under your eyes caused by aging, toxins, poor sleep, pollutants, and sun damage with our organic eye serum - enjoy a healthier, more youthful glow even when you're not wearing makeup!
    • ELIMINATE brown spots and discoloration, reduce inflammation, improve clarity and tone to take years off your appearance in just 60 seconds a day using the best eye serum available.
    • PROTECT the skin around your eyes from dangerous and unsightly damage with antioxidant vitamins.
  • How to use: Pat gel and smooth over clean eye area with special attention to wrinkle prone areas.  Use daily for best results.
  • What I Thought: The only thing I didn't care for about this product was its consistency.  One full pump provided a bit too much watery serum to be applied.  Eventually I learned to control the amount I wanted for use.  It went on very wet but it did seep in rather quickly leaving a slightly shiny look underneath the eye.  If you apply makeup or concealer on top of the product it may cause a reaction that will flake off the makeup, as I noticed this with a few liquid concealers I use, but not all.  I applied it both morning an night and within a few uses I noticed how soft the skin around my eyes were and it definitely helped reduce puffiness.  Within a few weeks a few of my more noticeable wrinkles around my eyes had been diminished but not completely wiped away and it slightly (emphasis on slightly) reduced my dark circles.  I really enjoyed this product but would probably prefer it in a less watery form, maybe like a cream.
  • I would buy it.

  • Retails $59.95 for 1oz.
  • About the product:
    • 5 POWERFUL ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS IN ONE BOTTLE: Adeline's Anti-Aging Face Cream is formulated with 5 powerful ingredients that fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin: Matrixyl, Witch Hazel, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. The results on your skin are fantastic! You would normally have to purchase multiple creams to attain the benefits that we pack into one of our bottles. Our customers discover they don't want or need to use any other creams on their face after using our skin cream.
    • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to double the amount of collagen needed to give the skin its elasticity. This means your wrinkles are going to fade and you will no longer be looking at celebrities and other women wondering how they look so young because you now know the secret. Start feeling more confident. Your search for the perfect anti-aging skin cream is over!
    • GET YOUR TIME BACK: After washing in the morning and evening, it takes just 30 seconds to gently apply the cream to your face, neck and decollete. Skin appears radiant and more plump after use. Over time our customers experience visible improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, dry skin and uneven skin.
    • UNBEATABLE PREMIUM QUALITY: Our face creams are handmade in our FDA-Inspected facility according to strict manufactures guidelines outlined by the GMP right here in the USA. All our products are free from parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) & petrochemical derivatives. With no added fragrances and no additives or fillers we are positive you are going to love our anti-aging moisturizer from Adeline.
  • How to use: Wash and pat skin dry.  Apply toner and serum if being used.  Then apply moisturizer to the skin; allow to dry.
  • What I Thought: The first thing I noticed using this was the scent of peppermint that it had and I loved it, though I usually do associate peppermint with foot creams.  Like when Janis states in Mean Girls, "It's been a month, and all we've done is make Regina's face smell like a foot."  One pump of the product was enough for it to deeply moisturize my skin.  The scent didn't last long but the moisturizing did leaving my skin feeling very soft.  I started by using this twice a day and, between using their facial serum and this, the moisturizing was a bit too much for my skin which caused me to break out.  Once I started using it once daily, in the morning, it worked much more to my advantage.
  • I would buy it.

  • Retails $59.99 for 1.7oz.
  • About the product:
    • EASY TO USE - just apply twice daily and enjoy tighter, toned, younger looking skin in the morning. Just 60 seconds a day is all it takes to reverse the signs of aging and turn heads with your radiant, youthful skin!
    • IMAGINE having a smooth, even skin tone and a glowing complexion... even when you're not wearing makeup! Age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes fade effortlessly with just twice daily usage!
    • NATURAL NUTRITION for your skin - Hyaluronic Acid Serum contains Retinol, a blend of Vitamin A for elasticity, collagen formation, and sun damage repair; Vitamin C for improved moisture, elasticity, and tone; Vitamin D to moisturize skin and promote healing; Vitamin E for anti-oxidant protection and non-greasy moisture!
    • GENTLE on skin - will not sting or burn when applied! This is the best anti wrinkle and anti aging serum available on the market. Great for even sensitive skin!
  • How to use: Wash and pat skin dry.  If using toner, apply toner first.  Apply a pea-sized amount of serum with fingertips to entire face and neck.  Allow to dry.  Follow with a moisturizer.  Can be used daily, morning and night.
  • What I thought:  I used this twice a day after cleansing and was a bit glad it didn't dry quite as quickly as a lot of other facial serums I have used.  I didn't detect any scent to this and it applied very wet to the face.  That made it easier to apply just one pump of the product and work it into my skin.  I usually don't find serums to be very moisturizing but this one was.  I almost didn't feel the need add an additional moisturizer into my routine.  Unfortunately, like many other serums, this didn't help when my hormones went all out of whack, but when those settled down it did help get my skin back in order to the best of its ability, calming and helping heal my skin.
  • I would buy it.

All these products worked amazingly well together and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to test each one!

You can currently purchase all of these products for $35.25 each at!
  • While there, look below each product under Special Offers and Product Promotions for additional savings opportunities!

Adeline also has a 100% NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all their products!

This is a sponsored post. I received these products for free via Adeline and Tomoson to try, review, and supply my honest opinion.

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