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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Deck the Stalls with a Cottonelle Holiday Party!

Crowdtap & Cottonelle have once again sent me some awesome butt related cleansing items!  If you know me and my friends, we're all about clean butts, butt problems, toilet humor, and the legend of Poop Man!  This time I received glitter glue, confetti, coupons, question cards, and 5 Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloth Dispensers to host my own Deck the Stalls Holiday Party!  We almost couldn't contain our excrement... err... excitement!

Originally, it was supposed to happen on November 20th so I had planned to go out of town with my goodies and have a party elsewhere on the 22nd.  I had even created a Facebook event, "Amanda's Cottonelle Deck The Stalls Holiday Party!"  USPS said my package arrived to be shipped on the 19th and then nothing else updated until I ended up receiving it 2 days before Thanksgiving.  That plus me getting the flu on the 19th (but I got my flu shot!) made me have to put the party on hiatus.  On Thanksgiving I gave a coupon, some question cards, and 2 of the dispensers to my BFF, then got together with my family on Sunday to decorate.  I thought my boyfriend would want to decorate one but he backed up.  Or, umm... backed out!  So it was just my mom and I and then I connected with my friends over social media to see how their party was going.

My mom's a very talented crafter and loves to do Artist Trading Cards.  She specializes in rubber stamping though so we were discussing for a bit what we wanted to do.  I was afraid, because of the plastic, that nothing was going to stick, or that using markers or stamping would smear.  We decided to stay away from stamping & took out a ton of Christmas crafting supplies from gems, to washi tape, to stickers and got to the decorating!  I was surprised how well everything stuck to its place.  Things that had no stickiness to them we used glue dots or a tape runners on to get the embellishments to stay.  We were very happy with the outcome!

BEHOLD!  The "Nutcracker" and Santa themed dispensers below!


My mom did the "Comfort and Joy" themed dispenser.  I found it funny she had never used these before and she was going on and on how the wipes would bring "comfort and joy" to dirty bums! When she was done I opened the package and showed her how to use the dispenser.  I explained their SafeFlush Technology™ and Quick Dry Performance to her.

My friends, on the other hand, are no strangers to the awesomeness of Cottonelle's wipes.  Below are their masterpieces.

We also got cards with questions to answer on them.  Of course, most of the answers from my friends were answered with "butt problems" followed by uncontrollable laughter.  My mom got one asking about a favorite holiday memory so she told me how once her uncle dressed up as Santa and he handed out the gifts to her and her siblings.  They knew it was their uncle though, so then they though their uncle was the one buying the gifts for Christmas, not Santa nor their parents.  LOL!

The winter holidays are not something that's really decorated for in the bathroom's of America but we can CHANGE that!  Get your crafting supplies out and have a Cottonelle Deck the Stalls party of your own!  Also be sure to check out the offers currently available on the Cottonelle page to save some money on your favorite products!

Thanks again to Cottonelle and Crowdtap for providing me supplies and the opportunity.  Thanks to my mom, Colleen, and Billy for making it a fun experience!

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