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Thursday, September 18, 2014

You want to know a bit about me? Here ya go!

First off, if you are reading this, AWESOME.  You have some sort of interest in me.  Cool! I guess I've made myself come across sort of interesting in some way or another.

You may be calling my friends, family, or acquaintances saying I listed them as a reference for a part-time call center job, which they now all know isn't true.  You ask them about my blog, insect photos, and how long I have worked for GEICO.  All which you can find out plain and simple without reaching out to these people.  People I don't even have their current phone numbers to.  So good going on your research.  You're doing a terrible job at gathering information and I know how to find information on people a lot easier than you do, but do it for reason, and am not as sketchy about it as I reach out to those people directly and disclose who I am!

So let me tell you a bit about me.  Stuff that I tell people every day, that is public record, and stuff that I am proud of.  I'll start with that, and then I will tell you some awful things about me.  Maybe it will make you think twice and want to go pester someone else.  Maybe not.

Yes I work for GEICO.  This year I have been working for them for 10, yes TEN, years (since you keep asking people that).  I have P/C producer licenses in many states and I LOVE my job.  I am not looking for any other employment, and have no plans to.  I would certainly not be looking for a part time job at an "undisclosed call center."  I have also made my company aware of these phone calls as it seems others at my job have been having similar calls to friends, family, and acquaintances.  So they are being investigated.

I do this blog and review things... obviously.  If you look WAY above my posts I pretty much sum it up.  I'm a bath & beauty junkie.  No where near the extent of some other people, mostly because I can't afford it.  If I do get anything free that I post about on here, I mention it so it's not always bath products & cosmetics that I write about.  For those giving me the opportunities, anyone can sign up with those companies, but be prepared to follow their guidelines or you may not get future opportunities.

Yes, I take pictures of insects that I find.  Mostly moths.  It's just a side hobby for me & I submit the photos to out of personal curiosity & for identification.  They also track the movement of insects across North America on that site.  Really cool!  If you're curious about any insects you see you should sign up & submit photos.  They may make it permanently into the guide!

I have a slue of health problems.  From thyroid issues, to lower back problems that go into my legs and feet, anxiety, thyroid eye disease, migraines (which have actually been very few and far between lately, thank God), allergies, and on and off butt problems.  Only to list a few.  If you've read my blog you'll see I am open and honest about everything.  Especially my thyroid issues and I want people to learn about them.  I just talked to another woman today who had a portion of her thyroid removed due to an, increasing in size, nodule which, luckily, was not cancerous.  So many people suffer with thyroid issues and some get great treatment, while many others are either treated poorly, or even misdiagnosed.

Due to my thyroid issues, health issues, and multiple surgeries, I lost a LOT of work over the last few years.  I also lost my life savings paying bills and am still paying back for it.  It's depressing.  Who knows if I'll ever fully bounce back.  You think you'll be prepared for everything and then things just happen out of the blue and you go down a huge downward spiral.  My photos and my blog keep me happy, mostly because it's something that I can do that requires little movement, no speech, interests of mine, and best of all, it's free!

So, whoever you are that has a high interest in me, I hope I have answered all your questions that you are so curious about.  I am an average person, living an average, but crappy in a lot of ways, life.  Just trying to make it through as a happy person until I die, like most people.

Additionally, and unrelated, I've caught on (a LONG time ago) to anonymous comments that list links to get website hits.  Those get deleted and never published folks.


NOW.  For my ACTUAL followers.  I have put my Birchbox posts on hiatus for now.  I am still getting them and loving them, but due to an on/off sinus & upper respiratory infection that I was battling the last 3 moths, and the fact I am spending a lot of time rearranging my computer/craft room, I have been overwhelmed.  I hope to have photos of them and write ups in the future.  Not sure if I will be selective about the products I post, or maybe I will just go back in time and do the whole boxes for review.  We shall see.

I'll have another post soon about another sample & share opportunity I had through Crowdtap!  This will be a bit more intimate than other posts & for the ladies!

Crowdtap & Cottonelle also sent me a package of goodies because they loved my previous blog post!  COOL!  I can always use more Cottonelle butt wipes!  They advised they will share it soon on their platforms but I haven't seen it yet.  Maybe soon!  Butt I'm glad they really liked it! (See what I did there?) LOL

So until then... happy bathing!

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