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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Listerine® "Challenge" with NEW Listerine® Naturals!

Crowdtap has gave me another opportunity to sample and share Listerine® Naturals Antiseptic Mouthwash in Herbal Mint.

Listerine® has a new product out called Listerine® Naturals!  It is 99% natural with ingredients derived from plant sources including eucalyptus, cornmint, ajwain seeds, stevia extract, and wintergreen oil, containing no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or dyes.  They advise it is just as effective as the original Listerine® by cleaning the whole mouth and killing up to 99.9% of all germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis.  It also has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!

I decided to do my sample and share at work.  So in our morning meeting I told everyone what my mission was with Crowdtap, and that I'd like them to try the Listerine® and give me their honest opinions about the product after using it.  I set up paper cups, the Listerine® Naturals bottle, the info sheet received from Crowdtap, and note cards for them to write their opinions on.

We're on the phones the majority of the day & sometimes we still need that extra blast of freshness, especially after lunch.  Somehow, my sample and share became the, "Listerine® challenge," though there really wasn't any challenge to it.  That's just what everyone decided to call it. 

Michelle & Tim about to give it a try.
Ken is taking the "Challenge!"
Listerine® is known for making very powerful and effective mouthwashes and not everyone likes that.  We even joked about how some people didn't want to use it before (and after) eating because they were afraid it would distort the taste of their food or drink.  So I was sure that I was going to get someone who was not going to like the product.  Below are the responses I received.

  • Aaron: "I enjoy that it is clear and doesn't turn my mouth blue.  The flavor seems the same as your other fine products."
  • Jess: "Very tasty.  Fresh feeling!  Nice after coffee!  Would definitely buy!  Best I've had."
  • Charles: "You could mistake it as vodka water.  It's not as harsh as other products."
  • Michelle Z.: "Really good.  Tastes like a milder Listerine®."
  • @ArtKennyB: "Hyper-refreshing!  Like a Jackson Pollock painting exploded in my mouth!"
  • Tim: "Good taste.  Mouth felt very fresh.  Extremely similar to original Listerine®.  Good product overall."
  • Larry: "Smells good.  Doesn't burn.  Feels tingly.  Aftertaste is a bit strong.  Now that it's worn off, my mouth feels clean."
  • Michelle B.: "Love that it's a natural product.  Would buy."

I was completely wrong!  Everyone actually liked it!  I had a few further discussions with some of my friends & samplers.  Mostly about how they could tell the difference that it was a natural product compared to the ones that aren't.  I was also asked if it was being sold  in stores yet.  Why yes it is!  Here it is at Target, Walgreens, CVS,, and probably many other retail locations!

So what were my thoughts on the product?

I was a skeptic!  Usually, with the original Listerine® products I will have that stuff in my mouth for only a few seconds and I want to spit it out right away because it's so strong I just can't stand it!  The original Listerine® contains 26.9% alcohol and the Naturals only 21.6%, which is the same percentage in the majority of their other mouthwashes.  Plus the active ingredients and percentages are the same throughout their line of antiseptic products.  When my turn came to try it, I was ready to disapprove.

LOVED IT!  It really wasn't as harsh as their other products though it will still give you that Listerine® tingle.  The hint of mint was subtle and it left my mouth feeling clean, and breath fresh for long after.  To me the aftertaste didn't linger for long, which is another thing I wasn't too fond of in their other products.  The only thing I wish it had in it was fluoride.  But WAIT... they DO have a Listerine® Naturals with fluoride!  I know what I'll be buying next!  Get your coupons here!


Thanks again Crowdtap for giving me this opportunity, to Listerine® for constantly being innovative, and my friends and co-workers for taking the "challenge!"

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