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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Let's talk bums... and Cottonelle!

Crowdtap gave me another exciting opportunity along with Cottonelle!  I received an amazing package filled with products from Cottonelle that included:

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to be picked for this sample & share!  My friends and I are are not shy when speaking about our bums, poop, bowel movements, freshness, and butt problems.  It is both disgusting, interesting, and natural.  Your poop can tell you a lot about yourself!  So when I posted I was going to get some samples and who would like the extras, I received a few posts in interest publicly, and even more messages privately.  Hilarity ensues as always.

I forgot one of the portable wipes and coupons was for me but I almost have a fear of pooping in public places so let me tell you that it comes in, or out, very convenient living so close to work that when I have an emergency butt problem I can go home to drop the bomb.  Ashley, Billy and Colleen were the lucky ones I sent the samples/coupons to as soon as I received them, and this is what I got in return.

Ashley said: "Love love love these!!! Thanks Amanda!!!"
Billy said: "Mmm it's a nice cool rush. Lightly scented. Simply divine, dahling."
Colleen said: "Good for sensitive skin, no residue or lingering scent. Of wipes that is, not poop."

And now for my thoughts...

Nestled among just some of my hundreds, maybe thousands, of bath products, I placed my dispenser conveniently on the top of my toilet.  I will be honest, I have never tried the wipes before.  Mostly because after pooping, I felt that applying wetness to my butt may feel like a bit too much and give off more of an unclean feeling.  Who knew how wrong I could be.

You've all seen the funny Cottonelle commercials with Cherry Healey talking about bums and telling people to have a "go" with the wipes.  Her idea being to wipe with TP first, then a wipe, then more TP.


I'm going to start off with the toilet paper.  (Literally.)  We've been using the Target, Up & Up Double Roll toilet paper because we felt it did the job just fine, and it was cheap.  I don't like waste and want to conserve so I want to get myself clean without using a lot of toilet paper.  After I started using the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper I realized just how much I was wasting!  I was using up to 3 TIMES MORE even with the flushable wipes!  Pictured below you can see the grooves in the Cottonelle on the bottom square, compared to how flat the Up & Up brand square is on top.  It really makes a difference!

After doing my business then using toilet paper 1st, I pulled a wipe out.  They are thick, moist, and have a nice, light, fresh scent to them.  I glided it across my, what I already thought to be clean, undercarriage and it picked up some more poo I thought I had removed with just the toilet paper alone.  This made me a bit anal about cleaning my bum as now I realize how much I may have missed over the years just using toilet paper alone!  I tried Cherry's routine (TP, wipe, TP) and for me, I found it unnecessary to use the toilet paper again after using the wipes.  They were moist enough, but not overly wet, where I didn't feel the need to use more toilet paper at the end.  The wipes contain no alcohol, oil, or soap.  They are made with mild skin cleansers and emollients, and are enhanced with a Quick Dry formulation.

The very 1st one I pulled from the dispenser tore apart but after that I was able to pull them out as needed without problem.  Which comes to their flushability!  I do admit I am concerned about this as it has become a national problem that flushable wipes aren't breaking down how they should be, as well as a whole other mess of flushable items.  Kimberly-Clark has a good video on how they make sure their products are safe for sewers and septic tanks, and tests they have done to make sure their products break down properly.  I've posted it below.

So in conclusion, I don't use them all the time, just after poops when I need that extra kick in the ass of cleanliness.  People love them!  My samplers and friends love them!  I loved them!  It's a must try & if you're all about cleanliness like I am, you'll be hooked!  You can get a coupon here!  Your butt will be happy!

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