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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review of the Litter Genie disposal system.

I've seen a lot of commercials for the Litter Genie lately.  What's that?  Oh you've seen the commercials with the talking cat, haven't you?  Well, in case you haven't...


We've had a pretty good system in our house for disposing of litter by taking off the top of an old litter tub, lining it with a plastic bag then placing the top back on.  When the tub would get too heavy and full, take the top off, take the bag of litter out, then immediately take it to the dumpster outside.  Though when opening it to put more litter in it throughout the weeks, YUCK!  The smell could knock you out!  So when the Litter Genie showed up at the door I was super excited!  Milton could care less but 'Alohi was all interested to see what the new addition to our home was.


The set up was pretty simple.  A video below from Litter Genie explains the process for set up, disposal of waste, and changing the refill bag.

When we 1st started using the product we didn't pull the bag down far enough so litter got stuck near the top and after pulling the handle, the waste got stuck.  Our 2 cats are pooping and peeing machines so a full day of waste ended up weighing the bag down and then it started working properly.

It has been about a week and our 1st bag was already full.  Per the video, changing the bag is pretty simple.  Just pull out a little more of the bag before cutting so that you can tie the top, dispose of the the waste bag (outside) then tie the end of the bag from the refill to start again!

There was one big downfall to the unit.  We have 2 litter boxes for our 2 cats so we had to pick up the Litter Genie between them for disposing of their waste.  The moving of the unit wasn't the problem.  In fact, there's a handy part at the top back just for that!  The problem was that the unit would separate at the middle as the "button" holding it together is just a plastic flap.  We thought that maybe the more waste in it, would help keep it together.  Nope.  Below are pictures of when we picked up the Litter Genie to move it when it was empty, and then when it became more full.

  • + It was FANTASTIC at keeping the smell out!
  • + Very simple to set up and use.
  • - The unit constantly separated at the middle when picked up.
  • - The white color got dirty very quickly due to litter dust.
Looks dirty after a few days of use from litter dust.



Don't get me wrong!  It's a great product & idea, convenient, but lugging it around with it splitting open all the time was not fun as the design "button" to keep together is just a small plastic flap.  Luckily we have our "bucket" hidden away at the bottom of the pantry, it's easy to carry as it has a handle, and we can just hold our breaths when we open it to dispose of more litter.  

Sorry Litter Genie, we're going to stick with our old method.

Old Faithful
If you are interested in purchasing the Litter Genie System the cost varies around $15-$20 depending where you purchase it and you can get a 2 pack refill for around the same price.

 Milton & 'Alohi would like to thank Crowdtap for another great opportunity!

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