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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All is not normal in my autoimmune world.

I just saved a stinkbug in my window.  It wouldn't climb onto my hand so I had to force the little bugger onto a piece of paper then released him onto my back porch.  Thought you'd all like to know.  :)

So lately I've been exhausted.  Not just exhausted.  EXHAUSTED.  I tweeted the other day how a trip to Target just wiped me out & jokingly stated how I was going to take a 3+ hour nap.  Well, it turned out to be a 5 hour nap & I only woke up because Chris woke me up.  I just haven't had the energy for much of anything lately.  Well I found out why today.

So, going through my last few labs they looked like this:

  • T4 - 12.0 High (Normal Range 4.9-11.7)
  • TSH - 0.192 Low (Normal Range 0.400-5.000)
Points to hyperthyroidism.

  • TSH - 1.347 In Range
No other tests done so inconclusive.

  • T3 - 207 High (Normal Range  75-165)
  • Free T3 - 4.8 High (Normal Range 1.7-3.7)
  • TSH - 0.157 Low
Points to hyperthyroidism.

So I changed my endocrinologist around the last blood test & hadn't had another one done until March 3rd.  I was actually going to wait until a week later, but I had just been feeling so crappy that my primary suggested to get it done right away.

  • TSH - 9.38 OMG WAY TOO HIGH!
Points to hypothyroidism.

So that answers my question as to why I have been insanely fatigued and sleeping like a bear that woke up way too early from hibernation lately.  *sigh*  The T4 was off also but I forgot to get a copy of the lab because I really had my answer with the TSH being that high.  I don't think it has ever been that high before & I am surprised at the dramatic increase!

So my Armour is getting upped to 120mg & I have to have blood work again in 6-8 weeks.  We also tried to do a test for my adrenals but for some reason they couldn't test the sample they received so I have to have that redone.  They also want me to test my blood sugar to see if it's too low at times.  I have been tested for diabetes before & those came back negative so I think they are looking for hypoglycemia now.  I don't really know.  All I know is that my body is trying to kill me.

Thyroid, I know you no longer exist in me but I HATE YOU!  :(

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