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Thursday, September 19, 2013

You can't love everything.

I'm still testing some stuff out from my Birchbox before I get into the post of everything I received & what I think of it.  I noticed some beauty bloggers out there tend to do posts right away when they get it & it's like, "Hey!  This is what I got!  Here are the colors (if it's makeup or nail polish).  I love the colors & they are so in right now!  I'm not wearing anything because I just opened the box.  Let me tell you about the product from what's already listed about it on the package or online, not from my personal experience because I haven't even tried it yet."  EVERYTHING is great, & they love it all already without even having used it.  Let me tell you, putting a dab of something on your hand doesn't mean it's going to look good on your face.

So there's a blog I really like called Beauty Test Dummies.  On products they give you their star rating up to 5 stars, normal retail price, the "skinny" on the product & how it worked (or didn't work) for them, if they would keep or toss it, and more information on the company & product they are reviewing like links to the company's websites or where you can buy the products.  It's kind of the direction I'd like to go with my blog though I think if there's a product out there that I personally don't like, that product had to go through a lot of initial testing in the 1st place to even make it on the market.  So even if it's not a fit for me, it has to be a fit for someone out there!  I even found a review they did for the last product I reviewed!  The Rosemary Mint shampoo.  They wouldn't buy it but I loved the stuff!  See, everyone's different, & if you're looking for good & true product reviews, instead of a blog where everything reviewed they love, love, love (all the time) you should follow them!

I've been really down the last few weeks which I have been attributing to my hypothyroidism.  I did end up calling my OBGYN about my hot flashes & possible low estrogen causing it, who said to call my endocrinologist.  I'm so sick of this back & forth.  I'm not even looking for treatment because I know things can just eventually even out once I'm off the prednisone & on the right dosing of thyroid hormones.  I just would like answers if that's really the problem or not.  As soon as any of my doctors hear that I had Graves' and a thyroidectomy, they just pass off any other symptoms I'm currently having as a possible hypothyroid problems without even really looking into it on their end.  "Talk to your endocrinologist."  Well, my endocrinologist doesn't think it has anything to do with my hypothyroidism. "It could, you need to talk to him.  We can't help you."  So, more sleepless nights to suffer though with no answers.  I just have to hope & pray it eventually goes away.

As of yesterday I started my last 2 weeks of prednisone.  Down to 5mg a day & boy am I feeling it with aches.  I go through this every time I lower the dose & it will probably be the worst when I completely go off the medication.  I like to describe the feeling as either (a) being hit by a car or (b) being beat up with a baseball bat.  I feel like I'm bruised & battered all over & it hurts to be touched.  Even my hair.

One good thing about yesterday was I got a new script for glasses!  The first thing they did was an automated perimetry visual field test.  I had to cover one eye and consistently stare at an orange dot in front of me that reminded me H.A.L. 9000, then little flashes of light would randomly come up on the screen around the orange light & if I saw them, I would use a clicker to register it.  It's very annoying & sometimes I wasn't sure if I was seeing dots that were being administered by the machine or if they were floaters.  After that came a long process of, "Put on your current glasses & cover this eye & read this line."  Then, "Cover your other eye & take off your glasses & read that line."  Then, "Is this better or worse?  Is this sharper or is this one sharper?  Which one is more clear?"  Over, and over, and over again.... until.... OMG! I can read everything CLEARLY!  Upon leaving my doctor told me that the script is quite different than what I currently have.  Surprising how much it changed in a years time.  He also joked, "The easy part is over.  Now here comes the hardest part of all this.  Shopping for glasses."

I also got my 1st Ipsy bag yesterday!  I can't wait to give everything a try.  They must get some super deal through DHL to be using them.  It took 13 days to get from NC to me in NY.  Seems kind of excessive considering it came from the same coast I'm on.  It took Ipsy 6 days after it shipped to even notify me that it had.  What really confused me though was they gave me a USPS tracking code that advised it had been already delivered to some place in CA back in August.  This was updated correctly once DHL handed it off to my post office.  I'm so used to using USPS when I ship stuff that if it's within the continental USA it's there within a week.  Well, now I know what to expect as far as a time frame with them.  Give it a full 2 weeks.

Well, lots to do today though I feel like curling up under a blanket and sleeping.  I'm sure that will happen at some point soon.  More later!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Learning more about hypothyroidism & REVIEW of De~Luxe Rosemary Mint shampoo & conditioner.

Thursday was not a good day for me.  I saw both my eye specialist and endocrinologist and I got answers to all of my questions.  These answers were very vague though and left me upset and just confused about the future of my health.  I keep trying to be optimistic about how I am being treated and it just feels like every time I'm figuring something out, or start understanding it, I end up realizing how much I don't know and become more confused and depressed about it all.

Since the surgery my eyesight has been progressively getting worse with blurring, light streaking, and double vision mostly in my left eye.  I felt like my glasses under my old script were not helping, though I realized at the eye doctor on Thursday they are helping a little.  My doctor informed me that for a year, or longer, certain antibodies from the Graves' disease can be elevated in my body, affecting my eyesight, & there's that possibility it might just get better or it could get worse also.  They've done enough they can with the steroids so I've been off the steroid eye drops & in a few weeks I'll be tapered off the prednisone.

I have an appointment next week to check my vision range & get a new script for glasses in which I will need.  He said the lenses need to be, I believe, fragmented and there's a possibility the lenses would need a new vision script every few months (depending if my vision gets worse or not).  He gave me a few eye exercises to do as much as I can (or when I remember) and I go back in a month.

I left the office in tears because everything seems so uncertain with this.  Not only that, but I've worn reading glasses for many years & my vision has only slightly changed.  My reading glasses that I got over 10 years ago finally broke 2 years ago and so I got the vision plan through my employment, got a new pair of cheap, reading glasses, then dropped the plan during (what seemed to be a very early) open enrollment last year.  A few months later I was diagnosed with Graves' and a few months after that, diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease.  I do have a discount plan under my current health insurance for glasses but it will hardly put a dent in what this is going to cost me considering I will need both new frames and lenses in which the lenses may need to be changed every few months.

If I know what I'm typing, or have an idea of the subject of what I'm reading, I can make out words though I still struggle.  Testing myself, reading random numbers and letters all together is a major stress on my eyes.  So, when my job consists of me reading a lot of VINs, phone numbers, e-mails and It's not like I can re-program the systems used to make the fonts super large so I can make them out just for my own sake, I NEED these glasses.  Besides the cost though, I am kind of excited to get new glasses.  Not only for the fact that I'll be able to see better but I like wearing glasses.  I'm a bit of a geek at heart!

Then I get home & learn how much people very close to me don't even understand what I'm going through.  Giving me their advice thinking that the doctors advice is bad, & being on this medication is screwing me up.  It's not the medication, it's the condition.  If I stopped the medication I'm on I would be so much worse off.  I don't have a thyroid anymore.  I don't have one that's even partially working to help control my metabolism.  If I don't take a medication or supplements to help I have NOTHING controlling my metabolism.  Just eating certain foods & exercising is not going to make me better (though I understand it can help).  At least I also understand why they wanted to put me on prednisone.  My doctor didn't extend the use of it, which he very well could have.  Even though I may be confused & frustrated about what the doctors are telling me and what their action plans are for me, from what I am reading and learning, everything they are doing & how they are doing it is the best they can do at this point in time.

Then I went to see my endocrinologist.  Some things are better but many things just seem the same.  I explain to him all my other symptoms that I've mentioned a million times on here before because nothing seems to be getting better & it's all the same thing day after day after day.  Turns out my TSH jumped.  When you have hypothyroidism TSH is usually high, hyperthyroidism it's usually low.  Going over my labs my TSH when I had Graves' was .002,  about a week after the surgery my TSH was considered normal at 2.199 and now it jumped to 7.499.  TSH is not the only thing we are looking at with my blood work but being that high it's a major reason why I feel like crap.  He explained to me how my pituitary glad is overworking due to the fact I have no thyroid proving that the medication dosage I'm on is not enough.  So my levothyroxine was upped from 125 to 150mcg.

When I was at my endocrinologist he had no clue why I was waking up at night sweating like crazy and feeling like crap.  Then, like a miracle, Stop the Thyroid Madness posted a link about sleeping disorders when suffering as hypothyroid.  I didn't know that being hypothyroid could directly effect estrogen levels causing this!  This may not be the answer to why this is happening to me as I will need further testing to determine if that's what it really is, but this information will help me with new question to ask & who to seek help from.  I may just get better after time when I find the right thyroid medication dosage, and if not, this information will help me know what I may need to test later to fix, yet another, problem.

Remember how I posted that link in my last post about the petition for endocrinologists to be up to date on the care of thyroid patientsTHAT LAST PARAGRAPH IS ANOTHER REASON WHY!  It seems so simple that I could have told my endocrinologist, "Hey, I'm waking up at all hours of the night all hot & sweating. (Though I'm freezing cold also.  I know this sounds all mixed up so imagine how I'm feeling!)  Even when I take a nap in the middle of the day I wake up all sweaty.  Sometimes I'm not even taking a naps & I get sweaty & gross."  His response shouldn't have been, "Oh, I have no clue why that's happening."  It should have been, "Well, being hypothyroid it can also cause havoc on your estrogen levels."  Then from there advised if I should have it checked out, or if it should get better once my other hormones level out, or if it doesn't what I should do.  Nope, he had no clue.  Again, PLEASE, if you have not already, SIGN THE PETITION!

I'm not even going to bring it up to him until I see him next.  I AM going to call my OBGYN though & explain everything to them because I am on a birth control that could be contributing to this & see if maybe there's something better.  Before I change anything I will request another blood test be done to see if this really is the problem though it completely makes sense that it could be!

Because I'm sick of feeling sick I ask when I should start seeing results.  Mind you, they said 6-8 weeks after surgery I could be completely better & here I am almost 7 weeks out and feeling like complete crap.  Almost feeling the same as I have been feeling since right after the surgery.  Here comes the vague, it could be days and it could be longer, maybe another month.  Month after month, they keep adding months to how long it will be before I start feeling better so I'm starting to lose faith as to when this time is going to come.  I want one week, just ONE WEEK, where I have no symptoms at all.  One week where I'm not uncomfortable in my body.  One week where I feel normal again to know that I'm finally on the right path.  Right now I can't even get a full day in of feeling normal.

So it has been depressing me.

Last night's bath consisted of:

With my last order to I got a small sample of Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner by De~Luxe SaVON.  Though I don't see it for sale on their site I did find it on

They list the product as paraben free, biodegradable, synthetic fragrance free using pure essential oils, it has natural plant based ingredients, 100% pure botanical extracts, and it's cruelty free, not tested on animals!

I was able to use the samples over about a 4 day period.  The scent is very strong with both the rosemary and mint so if either of these bother you, as the scent will linger in your hair, the product may not be for you.  Having short hair, a little bit went a long way as it lathered nicely.  99% of the time I air dry my hair & these left me with a nice bounce & volume, a good clean feeling, and softness.

I would definitely buy the full sizes for myself & the cheapest I did find them were at  If you are interested in doing a trial of the products before you buy, does sell travel sizes, currently $1.59, of both the shampoo and conditioner.

Happy bathing!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

“If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”

First off this is VERY important to me!  Please take a moment and go to this link & sign the petition for change in the treatment of patients with thyroid disorders WORLDWIDE!  It would be even more amazing if you would SHARE it and its importance to your family, friends and even people you don't know.  I had already suffered under the care of one endocrinologist who did not treat me well, nor understand how I could still be suffering because he was basing it off of old education.  My family and I soon learned how the condition was affecting me more than he did & I found a much better doctor.  It is such a complicated condition & doctors need to be educated & treat patients individually & differently, keeping up with all the new information & medicine that can HELP US!  So, PLEASE, SIGN & SHARE!

This WILL put you on an e-mail list for but it is VERY EASY to unsubscribe.  After you sign, you should immediately get an e-mail from with links at the bottom where you can choose to either update subscriptions, or unsubscribe.  It's THAT EASY! 

I got my 2nd Birchbox the other day!  Some of the products I love & some I'm still trying out so expect an update w/in the next few weeks with the reviews!

The holidays are coming and most stores have their Autumn lineup of scents out.  If you don't already know, The Body Shop will be releasing a new, limited edition line called Honeymania (If you click the link you can already see a few of the products that will be available) and you should start seeing it in your local stores & sold online by mid October with their holiday lineup.
OH how I LOVE honey!  They way it smells, the way it makes my skin feel in beauty products, the way it tastes!  I was told they will be making a bath melt with this line also.  I think it's kind of a perfect time for them to be releasing the line as it will be autumn so you will not be chased down by bees wearing this scent (at least here in NY you shouldn't).  I had that problem a while back with a honey & almond/orange product of theirs.  I'm so excited for this line to be released!

Redbook is currently having a Honeymania soap giveaway through October 14th, 2013.  There will be 10 winners & you can only enter once during the sweepstakes period.  If you do not want the free trial of the magazine please MAKE SURE you select the "CLICK HERE" in the subscription disclaimer to keep you from getting it.  Good luck if you enter!

I haven't been very motivated, nor feeling well, the past week.  I woke up the other day to the temp outside at 42º and the inside temp 70º which felt freezing to me.  I took my medication, fell asleep for about another hour on the couch curled up under 2 blankets, woke up for breakfast then fell asleep probably for another 2 hours.  I felt tired, achy, & wished it was a dark, rainy day because then I could somehow justify my laziness.  Coffee couldn't even keep me awake.  The next day my wish for rain and gloom came true & the day was wasted though I got some reading & writing done.  Yesterday the temp got up to almost 90º and my body couldn't decide if I wanted to be extremely cold or extremely hot, & today the high is supposed to be 86º.  Then on Friday the high is supposed to be only 55º.  It's THAT time of year in WNY and my hypothyroidism is NOT helping!

I've been writing this over the last few days also to get stuff out of my head.  Still frustrated with my vision & how I am feeling, I had blood taken on Monday and have 2 appointments tomorrow so I'm really hoping to have some answers as to what's going on with my body & condition.  I have a feeling I am going to need more medication adjustments.

The other day I also realized just HOW dry my hair was.  My friend was taking me out & so, while getting ready, I took my flat iron to it & that really didn't work out so well.  Even on the lowest heat setting it just seemed to singe my dry hair even more.  I have been neglecting using oil in my hair lately so I need to bring that back into my daily routine & also do a conditioning masque a few times per week.

I put a tweet out the other day that stated, Had the #muddiest, #dirtiest looking #bath ever tonight. #Tub was a complete #mess after. #Skin feels amazing! More later! :)  Here's the, "More later," part.

The last order I placed with I was looking for new products to try to help with my dry skin after the thyroidectomy and I came across a line of products from a company called The Seaweed Bath Co.  Since I felt I had enough bar soaps & shower gels & am always looking for new bath additives, I noticed their Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder Bath with Hawaiian Kukui Oil & decided to get it in the Citrus scent.  It was on sale, I like seaweed & all natural products, I got another free product of theirs with it, I checked out the reviews & decided that this was my kind of product!  So I bought it.

When I received it I noticed there was a disclaimer on the product that advised to consult a doctor before use if you had a thyroid condition so I went to their facebook page and questioned it.  They responded, "The warning on the packaging is due to the naturally occurring iodine found in seaweed, which we use in all of our products. Iodine can stimulate the thyroid."  When you have a thyroid, and it is working properly, it takes iodine & processes it into T4.  So, I can understand the warning, but I don't have a thyroid anymore so it was very interesting to learn that about the seaweed!

The ingredient are: Sodium chloride (dead sea salt), Fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack seaweed), Citrus reticulata (tangerine) essential oil, Zingiber officinalis (ginger) essential oil, Argania spinosa (organic argan) oil, Aleurites moluccana (kukui) oil, Aloe barbadensis (aloe), Tocopherol (natural vitamin E).  

I posted some pictures of my preparation and the aftermath of using this product above.  It is suggested for adults that you use 4-5 scoops (it comes with the scoop), the bath water should be a medium brown, soak for 15-30 minutes, and for best results to use 3-4 baths per week, one per day.  The container says you should get around 16 baths out of it.

The 1st time I used this product I just dumped all 4 scoops into the running water.  Because the "powder" is so dense with all the oils & seaweed, it really didn't dissolve much.  So, the 2nd time I used a trick by putting it in a nylon knee high, tied it at the top, kept it under the running water & also massaged it between my fingers to get it to dissolve.  This worked much better, though, as you can see in the pictures, still left a film on my skin & tub.  Now, imagine how it was without the nylon!

The scent of it is very earthy and considering that seaweed is the 2nd ingredient, that's what you will pick up on the most.  I didn't really pick up on the citrus scent until the 2nd bath where I got more of it to dissolve.

I have an old, ugly, plastic tub where any oily bath additive will stick to the side of it.  Like with the tub, this will stick to your skin.  I should emphasize stick!  When you are done with the bath if you just get up & on out you will have brown dots, splotches, streaks all over you.  Just taking a washcloth & water will not remove it & you will actually need a soap or soap-like product to do so.  I'm going to suggest that if you DO buy this product to also either get one of their skin soaps or body washes to maximize the effect.  I had neither so I used a regular body wash & bar soap with a washcloth & the splotches were easily removed from my skin.  Your tub will also look like a mess once you let the water out but it's extremely easy to clean up with a cleanser & you don't have to scrub hard.

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome my skin felt after using this!  So soft and moisturized.  So if you have eczema, psoriasis or very dry skin this is a product for you!  The best I have used so far!  If you think the brown splotches and clean up would deter you from buying this product, I can assure you the the benefits of what this can do for you with regular use will far outweigh a minor annoyance of a dirty looking tub!

 Until later, happy bathing!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something different. Review of Kashi Hummus Crisps.

I'm a member of BzzAgent & have been for a while though I haven't done many campaigns through them.  You sign up, fill out a bunch of surveys so they get to know you, then, if selected, they send you an invite for a campaign.  I've had ones in the past for products by Hershey's, Dr. Scholl's, and most recently, Kashi.  You don't have to join the campaigns, & really, if you're just looking for free stuff & are not going to get the word out about what they send you, this is not for you!  For the past campaigns I either didn't have my blog up or know what direction I was going with it and I wasn't really tweeting either.  So now that I'm doing more of these things & finding the fun in them, I hope to do more in the future.  There's no right or wrong with the campaigns either.  Write the good, the bad &/or the ugly about the product you get & see what others, or your friends say in comparison!  Best of all, try something new & maybe find a new product you'll end up loving.


So for this one I got 1 full sized bag of Kashi Hummus Crisps in the Sea Salt & Olive Oil flavor & a bunch of coupons for $1 off a purchase of 2 bags.  I'll be keeping 1 & giving the others to a friend to pass around since I'm not back at work yet.  They also come in Caramelized Onion and Tomato, Basil & Feta flavors.

When I 1st took it out it looked like an ordinary chip.  Chip, crisp, cracker, usually they are all about the same to me.  They usually look a tad bit different, taste different, but they all crunch the same.  So that's what I was expecting, a crackery, crisp crunch.  That's not what I got!  They were very light & airy, almost like a rice cake, though not as chewy as rice cakes can be, & much more flavor than them.  The only problem?  You can eat & eat & eat these & they really don't seem to fill you up.  I could definitely savor the salt & oil flavor of them and I also got a bit of sweetness to them.

I also wanted to do a little comparison so I took their nutritional list against the one for Tostitos Multigrain Scoops (since I had that laying around).  If you click the above picture you might be able to see it better, or you can always go to the manufacture sites & look at the lists individually for the products you want to compare.

The Kashi serving size is 27 (YES, TWENTY SEVEN) crisps, compared to the Tostitos 12 chips!  In the Kashi crisps comparison there's 1/2 the total fat, no saturated fat, comparable carbs, (*Note what I wrote comparing 27 crisps to 12 chips!) more dietary fiber, a little bit of calcium and iron, more sodium (con) & (holy cow!) look at the ingredients list!  Oil is the 2nd ingredient in the Tostitos chips, where Kashi I think it's the 10th (?) but there IS sugar in the Kashi crisps listed as organic dried cane syrup.  This is where I was probably getting the sweetness from.  (BTW, read the link about the cane syrup.  Interesting!)

All in all you can indulge a little bit more & feel ok doing it.  I think I'll get another bag of the Sea Salt & Olive Oil and also try to Caramelized Onion one next!  Yum!

This is a sponsored post. I received these products for free via Kashi and BzzAgent to try, review, and supply my honest opinion.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Baseball, spiders, plumbing... & dad to the rescue!

The 1st day of September I wake up and look out my window & what do I see?  A tree with its leaves starting to turn & a light blanket of fallen orange & yellow around it.  Really?  I love autumn!  I'm anticipating it (except for this cold feeling being hypothyroid) but this is just too early!

The last few days I have been feeling awful both mentally & physically.   My vision has really been stressing me, especially with reading so I went to some forums looking for advise as I had read that even after surgery I could have complications with the Thyroid Eye Disease & will not really have the answers I need until my next appointment.  A few people responded & advised I could still have Graves' antibodies attacking my eyes after my thyroidectomy.  So, when I go in to have blood work done, I'm going to request that the levels for those are checked also & sent to my eye specialist.

For a while now I've been having trouble with a leaky faucet in my bathroom.  I'll go & wash my hands or be cleaning my face & after I turn the water off I hear, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, only to find that it's all flooded underneath in my cabinet.  Sometimes I don't even hear it dripping.  Well, I caught it yesterday, though it already accumulated a nice puddle of water and dripped all over my hair dryer.  Being fed up, do I call a plumber?  Nope, I call my dad.  Instead of paying him in cash I can usually pay him in ice cream for his services.  :)

We had to turn the main water switch off, which connects to my downstairs neighbor's place also.  Tried to knock on the door to tell them & hope no one would turn the water back on, otherwise there would have been a real flood.  Seems like they weren't home so I left a nice note on the door advising them of what was going on.  Dad & Chris left for a bit then came back with a nice new faucet, hooked it up & now no more leak!  Plus it looks much nicer than the prior one I had.  Now, all I need is a new tub, new vanity, new flooring, new walls & new tile.  Maybe a new toilet also.

I love insects.  I love moths, katydids, beetles.  I hate spiders and centipedes, though I think millipedes are cool.  Things with more than 6 legs or things that bite I try to avoid.  Spiders are creepy, ugly and if I get bit by one I will have a welt as large & as hard as a baseball under my skin.  They like to jump onto me or fall onto me if I try to capture one to kill or even release it.  It's a given.  So I avoid them at all costs.  Not to mention the high stress and anxiety they cause me.  I have a true phobia of spiders.

The company my dad works for had a picnic at the local MiLB baseball field yesterday.  Dinner then a game.  We usually go at at least 1 game every year & sit behind 1st base.  After a pretty good dinner we go to find our seats & are surprised to find them behind home plate!  Pretty cool.  We go to sit down, I go to take off my jacket & I look in front of me & there's a huge spider in the cup holder.  Anyone who has been to any sporting events knows how close these seats are, really no leg room, & no room between me & this spider.

I immediately shoot up out of my seat & exclaim how I have to move.  I go to grab my jacket & my mom asks if I want to sit where she is so I go to switch & then see 2 spiders crawling on the under of the seat, up to the armrest of where I was just sitting.  This is now a problem!  The seats were the last row before an isle so I went & stood behind them & noticed a bunch of spiders on the back of the seats.  I'm getting hot, I can't breathe, I feel like I have them on me and my dad wants to just brush them off the chairs but now that I've seen so many I can't bring myself to even sit in there.  And here's my family trying to coax someone who has a severe fear of spiders to sit in a pool of them.  This is becoming a scene & I don't want it to.

An usher standing by is really nice & she brings me a spider free folding chair that I can sit in behind them.  Of course, at this point, I am spending more time eying the back of the chairs because my dad already killed about 5 of them & I'm just waiting for more to show up in front of me.  I feel bad because my dad loves baseball & wants to enjoy the game, so I kind of keep my mouth shut sitting in my special chair.  Eventually am able to start paying attention to the game more around the 4th inning.  Never had this problem with the chairs around 1st base.  Throughout the game, probably another 5 spiders meet their death either by shoe, napkin or my father's hand.

My dad loves baseball, can you tell?
I swear probably about 10 or more had met their death by the end of the game.  Next time I think I will bring a bottle of Raid with me & spray down the chairs before I sit down so I can enjoy a stress free game & enjoy it.

Now, during the 7th inning stretch everyone got up, stretched & sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."  When I was in middle school we had to sing it in chorus & during the part where it goes, "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack," most of us said Cracker Jack(S).  Holy crap did our teacher drill it into us that there was NO "S" after Cracker Jack, & she's right!  (see link)  So, on the billboard they have the lyrics up & it comes to that part & what do you know, they put the "s" after Cracker Jack & everyone adds it on & I'm all like, "THAT'S NOT RIGHT!"  Heck, the name of the product is Cracker Jack & if we want to get technical, in the song you are asking to have it bought for just you, not a bunch of people.  So, if you are reading this, now you know!  Don't add the "s" after Cracker Jack!   

At the end of the game there were fireworks and the worst of the spiders came out!  there were probably about another 7 of them crawling all over the back and underneath of the chairs that I could see & I had to move my chair back further as to avoid another anxiety attack.  One on the ground started crawling toward me and a lady that was next to me in the isle stomped on it.

All in all, I survived!  We were losing at 1st and then won 3 to 2 scoring all 3 in the 8th inning!  Can't wait for hockey to start now!  More action, no spiders.  :)

A HUGE thanks to my dad for everything he has done!  I am paying for the actual faucet, just not the hard work he put into it for me.  Also for putting up with my spider phobia during the game.

Hope you are all having a nice Labor Day.  I really don't have any plans.  No shopping, no visits, just sitting home feeling miserable today & hoping this feeling changes soon.  I have a lot of awesome products to eventually write about, just not now.