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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Something different. Review of Kashi Hummus Crisps.

I'm a member of BzzAgent & have been for a while though I haven't done many campaigns through them.  You sign up, fill out a bunch of surveys so they get to know you, then, if selected, they send you an invite for a campaign.  I've had ones in the past for products by Hershey's, Dr. Scholl's, and most recently, Kashi.  You don't have to join the campaigns, & really, if you're just looking for free stuff & are not going to get the word out about what they send you, this is not for you!  For the past campaigns I either didn't have my blog up or know what direction I was going with it and I wasn't really tweeting either.  So now that I'm doing more of these things & finding the fun in them, I hope to do more in the future.  There's no right or wrong with the campaigns either.  Write the good, the bad &/or the ugly about the product you get & see what others, or your friends say in comparison!  Best of all, try something new & maybe find a new product you'll end up loving.


So for this one I got 1 full sized bag of Kashi Hummus Crisps in the Sea Salt & Olive Oil flavor & a bunch of coupons for $1 off a purchase of 2 bags.  I'll be keeping 1 & giving the others to a friend to pass around since I'm not back at work yet.  They also come in Caramelized Onion and Tomato, Basil & Feta flavors.

When I 1st took it out it looked like an ordinary chip.  Chip, crisp, cracker, usually they are all about the same to me.  They usually look a tad bit different, taste different, but they all crunch the same.  So that's what I was expecting, a crackery, crisp crunch.  That's not what I got!  They were very light & airy, almost like a rice cake, though not as chewy as rice cakes can be, & much more flavor than them.  The only problem?  You can eat & eat & eat these & they really don't seem to fill you up.  I could definitely savor the salt & oil flavor of them and I also got a bit of sweetness to them.

I also wanted to do a little comparison so I took their nutritional list against the one for Tostitos Multigrain Scoops (since I had that laying around).  If you click the above picture you might be able to see it better, or you can always go to the manufacture sites & look at the lists individually for the products you want to compare.

The Kashi serving size is 27 (YES, TWENTY SEVEN) crisps, compared to the Tostitos 12 chips!  In the Kashi crisps comparison there's 1/2 the total fat, no saturated fat, comparable carbs, (*Note what I wrote comparing 27 crisps to 12 chips!) more dietary fiber, a little bit of calcium and iron, more sodium (con) & (holy cow!) look at the ingredients list!  Oil is the 2nd ingredient in the Tostitos chips, where Kashi I think it's the 10th (?) but there IS sugar in the Kashi crisps listed as organic dried cane syrup.  This is where I was probably getting the sweetness from.  (BTW, read the link about the cane syrup.  Interesting!)

All in all you can indulge a little bit more & feel ok doing it.  I think I'll get another bag of the Sea Salt & Olive Oil and also try to Caramelized Onion one next!  Yum!

This is a sponsored post. I received these products for free via Kashi and BzzAgent to try, review, and supply my honest opinion.