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Friday, August 16, 2013

Soft nails on a chalboard.

So all yesterday I had been achy & feeling yuck.  When I get really achy I like my baths to be more herbal & potent so this was my bath for last night:

My skin felt so soft after.  Wasn't the best mix of scents but the end result was good.

I have a lot of free time on my hands and I don't necessarily like it.  I'm trying to be routine about a lot of stuff, especially the medication I'm on.  I really need to make an effort on this.  I've been waking up around 6-7am, sometimes on my own & sometimes not, taking the levothyroxine with a glass of water, then waiting an hour to eat anything.  When I wake up I feel like I'm on a bit of a high.  I really should be monitoring my blood pressure, pulse & temperature but I hadn't & so I started this morning.  The rest of the day is pretty free.  Though I've been feeling pretty alone lately.  I'm sure listening to Depeche Mode yesterday wasn't helping with my mood.

Since I have had this free time I am doing a lot of reading on my disease.  I have to thank my doctors who just love to also keep pointing out how when I have 1 severe autoimmune disease my body is setting me up for a whole slew of other ones.  Not necessarily meaning I'll get anymore, just that I have to really pay attention to myself closely & something seems wrong or off, it could be something new.  There's always that "possibility."  They are like lawyers, telling me what these possibilities and probable outcomes can be if I do or do not do something!

With all the questions I asked & had answered at my last appointment with my endocrinologist, I'm constantly coming up with more to ask.  Until these appointments, because I don't want to keep calling my doctor when I think of something new, I write them down.  I also have been looking online but a lot of information I find is specific to treating the thyroid when you still have it!  Not after a total thyroidectomy.  Like I was reading an article about hypothyroid & salt but the thyroid uses the iodine in the salt, but I don't have a thyroid anymore so I can't take that article into consideration.  My thyroid is in some medical waste disposal somewhere or has possibly been eaten by a bird so it's not taking iodine & making T3 or T4, obviously!

When I got up yesterday my upper back and neck was sore and felt swollen.  This I know is a direct result from the prednisone I am taking.  It's all too familiar.  I was so happy I hadn't been on prednisone since August 2011!  2 whole years without this evil drug!  The lower the dosing will get, the more I will feel like I have been beaten up with a baseball bat.  I've never been on the medication for how long they prescribed it to me this time.  My ophthalmologist prescribed it before my surgery to help with the thyroid eye disease (TED) and I will not be tapered off of it until the start of October this year.  I sent an e-mail to my ophthalmologist with a few questions about what I should be expecting, if anything, as far as healing from the TED.  I'm trying to make action plans.  I think he's only in 1 day a week & they're pretty good at getting back to me within 48 hours but I also think he may be on vacation.  I can wait.  Since my anxiety is much better, waiting for answers is better.

I see my primary on Monday & received a call yesterday from this nurse who she has been working with.  She called me a few times before and after the operation & has just been super nice.  I'm almost wondering if my doctor is going to be leaving or retiring.  It's SO hard to find a good & understanding doctor these days & she has always been top notch!

My nail polish finally chipped!  So this is a good thing?  Well, it has been almost a week & with all the crafty things I have been doing with my hands that's pretty amazing considering I put it on last Saturday.  I also split my nail in the process of doing whatever I was doing though.  No clue what I did or how I did it but I most likely smacked my finger or jabbed it really hard on something.  Even with the polish & hardening coats I can still sense how soft my nails are underneath.  So, what do I do? I ordered more.

All of Rainbow Honey's double sets come with a free cuticle balm & the Sakura Matsuri collection that I got comes with it also.  The balm looks pretty convenient to use & I had left my Burt's Bees cuticle balm at work.  Plus, after butchering my cuticles this last time, it's nice to be getting a new one to try.  Their site will tell you what promos are available & how to get them when you click on the products to shop so NO forgetting to put in codes.  I also got a free Heisenberg polish!

I always find the worst part of self nail maintenance is taking the old polish off.  Such a process & hassle for me.  Once it starts chipping more severely I also tend to pull & peel as much as I can off my nails.  Bad habit!  This can cause damage or trauma to the nail.  The chemicals, even acetone free, still dry up my skin & it always feels like it takes a day or 2 to get my hands & fingers back & nourished to a normal state.  One thing I know is that as much as I also loved how acrylic & airbrushed nails looked on me, they really effed up my nail beds for a good year after I stopped having them done.  I'm also not too keen on gel polishes yet also.  I love the way they look but not into using UV rays.  Already have a melanoma in the family & I have enough health problems as it is.  Don't need another!

I want to let everyone know how personal this blog is.  I don't get free products from anyone for compensation.  All my reviews & information is truly from my own experience & heart.  This is all stuff I have picked up on my own from orders through companies I have found & became interested in, have received as gifts from people, won through giveaways or  received as samples.  Bottom line, I AM NOT PAID!  Hell, I really have enough stuff & don't even need anymore to be honest!  All my opinions are my own & truthful.  Even if something is not to my liking, there may be someone out there where it would be to theirs & I try to be open minded about that too.

Enough for now!  Happy bathing!

Her name was Lola.  She was a showgirl!

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