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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review of Simple Skin Care Cleansing Wipes.

I actually got what I could consider to be a good night's sleep last night.  I woke up only a few times, or so I think.  I didn't fully wake up until the alarm went off.  Heart rate racing for a few minutes.  Now I'm feeling cold again & starting to sweat.  Comes & goes throughout the day & it seems nothing is changing.  I should probably stop writing about that until I start noticing it changing for the better. 

I have to go see my allergist today.  I have asthma & can get an asthma attack from cleaning up something dusty, to being out in harsh cold weather, to getting really upset about something.  So they are going to test my breathing but I don't know how much of a good the test will be due to the fact I'm on prednisone.

The reason why I posted before that I was so happy to have been off the drug for 2 years was the fact that every time I had a bad asthma attack from anything the doctors always wanted to put me on it & the stuff suppresses your immune system.  So it was a vicious cycle.  I would get some type of virus or cold & get an upper respiratory infection & with all the coughing I might get asthma attacks so they would throw me on it.  Then someone at work might come in with a different cold or I would just randomly catch a virus or cold that NOBODY else around me would have had or would catch from me then they would throw me on it again.  I'd be put on it sometimes 2-3x per year.

The receptionist for my eye specialist finally got back to me yesterday (I did call in the morning again) & apologized.  She took all my information, concerns & said she'd have a doctor get back to me, though it could be a few more days.  Well, I got a call back this morning & I need to stay to course on the prednisone.  I really want to get off it sooner so that I can finally tell how the thyroidectomy is really affecting my body.  Usually about a week after I stop the dosing is when I feel the worst.  This would be my projected week back to work.  I can handle the usual side effects that I get from the prednisone though, I've done it before.  I'm concerned about what it may be masking as far as the hypothyroidism.  I've never been on such a high dose of this this medication for this length of time, nor tapered off it it for so long.  I've also never experienced hypothyroidism this severe before.  So it's like a game, what's causing which side effect and am I figuring it out correctly or not?  Now I have to wait until almost mid September, when my next appointment is, so I can 1st be checked out & then maybe get more answers.

Now, onto products I've been using.  The last week I was going through my sample box of things I had & have been meaning to try and I pulled out these: Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes I used for about a week.  They list their product is hypoallergenic, containing a natural antibacterial ingredient, containing pro vitamin B5, determatologist AND ophthalmologist tested and it's vegan. (Just to name a few thing.)

I'm not really a wipes person for cleansing my face.  I have combination skin, dry here, oily there, breakouts in another spot, hormonal issues contributing to all of this, annoyance.  If I'm wearing makeup I'll use products to remove them 1st.  Then I like to use a lukewarm water splash on my face and apply the cleanser next.  Gently wash the cleanser off with the water a bit on the cooler side, pat dry, apply medicine in needed spots, wait a few minutes, then apply moisturizer, serum or oil.  That's my normal routine & it has been working pretty well except for certain monthly hormonal imbalances that I think will never be end.

Now for these cleansing cloths I didn't wet my face 1st.  They promote them as both a cleanser and also a makeup remover, including eye makeup and waterproof mascara.  I haven't really been using makeup after my surgery since I haven't been going out much but had a little on at one time using them & it did what it stated.  I used the wipe across my face, eyelids, & neck.  The wipes were very soft and directly after use my face felt damp.  I almost wanted to pat dry my face or wipe it but I gave it a about a minute & it ended up feeling nice & refreshed.  I still finished up my routine with my medication and then moisturizer & I was pleasantly surprised how soft & nice my skin felt after.

I find it kind of odd they promote it as alcohol free when it DOES include an alcohol ingredient.  This can be confusing to some as it has Cetearyl Alcohol.  Here's the thing, it's an alcohol but what's considered a "fatty" alcohol that is used for softening & soothing skin.  So it's a good alcohol, believe it or not!

There wasn't really anything that advised how many times to use them through the day so I would base it off your normal routine at 1st, then go from there.  So, for my packet I had I used 1 wipe in the morning & 1 at night.  Because it is so moisturizing, if I decided to make these normal routine for me, I would probably use them once a day and only at night as a makeup remover & cleanser, to remove that daily build-up, then using a different, gentle cleanser in the morning.

My thing is I like as little waste as possible.  This would cut down on water waste when cleansing my face, but it would add to landfill waste, but on their site it advises their products are biodegradable.  So pros instead of cons all the way on this.  It also took a lot less time for my cleansing routine.  I felt like I was missing something!

I have other products I want to try out so maybe once I am done with those I will switch to these for good.  Something good to try if you are looking for a new facial cleanser or makeup remover.  They also make them in exfoliating, oil balancing, radiance and just for eye makeup removal.  They do have other products as well.

Target sells a 25 pack for $4.99 and is also currently running a promotion where if you buy 3 packs (or any 3 products by Simple Skin Care) you get a $5 Target gift card!

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