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Monday, August 26, 2013

Just want to feel normal again, whatever that is.

Good morning!  The only thing good about right now is I have a fat, purring cat on my lap.  He's temperamental though  & making it hard to type.  The last 2 days I woke up around 5am, drenched in sweat, cold & in pain.  I'm usually wide awake the rest of the day but feeling so tired & crappy.

Yesterday I took a short drive with Chris to get my car washed because, with it sitting around, it accumulated a lot of dirt.  That and I figured I'd top off the gas since I had a coupon for 5 cents off a gallon. (If you have a Delta Sonic near you USE THAT!  Today is the last day though.) With the wash ended up being, I think, 10 cents off a gallon.  My eye kept watering & I kept blinking it like crazy.  With the blurring going in & out, I got really uncomfortable so I had Chris drive home.  Never heard back from my eye specialist that I e-mailed 2 weeks ago & called on Monday & Friday last week.  Even if he is on vacation, someone still should have called me back to at least give me a time frame of when I would be able to get some answers to my questions.  Not sure if I want to try calling again today or wait until tomorrow.  I think the next best specialist is around 100 miles away.  This is frustrating & upsetting me.

At the car wash!

I actually thought going down to the 20mg a day of prednisone was going to start making me feel a little bit better.  Felt like my "moon face" & swelling maybe had been going down slightly.  This morning I look & feel as swollen as ever.  Back to looking like a Cabbage Patch Kid or Campbell's Kid.  I also can't really monitor my asthma because the prednisone is most likely helping my lungs.  I wish I were off this stuff. 

I love how it has taken me an hour to write 3 paragraphs because I had to correct a bunch of errors.  Chris is up now & the cats are on the move.  I already took my levothyroxine so I should be able to eat now.  I was close to pouring myself a glass of OJ in my morning haze but glad I didn't.  (NO food with the levothyroxine until an hour after.)  I know grapefruit juice is a big no no with this medication but I love the stuff & I think a few docs have said if I drink it later in the day or at night it's ok.  I'll have to do more research.

My neck, shoulders & fingers hurt so much right now.  Could be the weather too.  Supposed to have storms rolling through today.  I think it will be a good day for some reading, letter writing & crafts.  Maybe.

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