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Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's a really beautiful day outside today.  I can hear the cicadas buzzing, katydids chirping and TWO hummingbirds decided to check me out for a little bit while I was on my back porch this morning.  There are baby birds that have hatched in a bush outside the front window that chirp away when mama cones to fee them.  My cat, 'Alohi, has been interested in their incessant cries and so she hunkered down in the window for a bit looking for them.  This didn't go unnoticed by the mama bird & so, a few times, mama defensively hovered around the window, standing her ground.

So, what am I doing spending it indoors?  I'm still not feeling well.  Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since the surgery & I have just been feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin lately.  The incision is healing nicely & so I started using Rite Aid scar gel on it a few times per day.  There's a local art show going on in Lewiston, NY & I pondered going to it but decided not to for a few reasons.  Joints & bones still aching, still out of it, didn't want to end up going & then leaving right away because of how I'm generally feeling.  Plus, I hear there were NO booths with bath products. (WHAAAAAT?  That's just not possible these days!)  I think they are all at the Brockport, NY arts festival this weekend & I'm definitely not in the mood to go out there.

So if you aren't already following me on Twitter @popscene01 & are looking for new beauty finds or fun deals you should!  I've been posting contests, sweepstakes, GrouponsMy facebook account is still more personal but I do post facebook contests publicly.  If you request to add me on FB though & I don't respond or add back, please don't take it personal.  Maybe someday I'll create a soap lady page.  Heck, maybe someday I'll join Pinterest also (really not interested or feel I have time).

I got my order on Friday!  I always love how they package their items.  The items I got were Original Bubbles Travel Gift Set by Not Soap, Radio for $15 (at cost, same as you can get directly through the manufacture) and also Sweet Talk Collection nail polish by Rainbow Honey which was $25, $5 less than the manufacture, plus I had a $5 credit at from a previous survey I took.

I finally got around to painting my nails.  I used the Sweet Talk polish from the collection I got.  The polish is a bit thin for 1 coat so I used 2 & it dried pretty quick, but still give it the normal time to dry.  I like how it looks on my fingernails but not on my toes.  That's personal preference though.  As you can see I am a bit sloppy painting my own nails.  I have since cleaned it up well around my cuticles.  Now, let's see how long these last on my nails.  I'm a pretty crafty person so usually I get chips in 24-48 hours.  Rainbow Honey has a lot of really fun, trendy polishes, limited editions, they are USA made, and Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate free!  Besides the links posted you can also follow @RainbowHoney on Instagram, @Rainbow_Honey on Twitter and Rainbow Honey on Facebook.  If you order direct through them this month and spend $50+ you will get a free secret polish & free shipping too!  Check them out!

I mentioned before, I will mention again now, & I will mention again most likely in the future, about how I love mixing scents.  So, when I see something out of the ordinary and it sounds good, I'm going to want to scope it out.  So when I saw the bubbles set on for Not Soap, Radio, just reading the combinations made me want to try them!  I'm glad I did!

So, for the last few days my daily baths have been what I call, a "perfect pairing."

I decided to use Not Soap, Radio's Originals for bath or shower strictly in the bath.  I wouldn't use these as a bubble bath because the bubbles lasted only for a few minutes.  That doesn't mean I wouldn't use them in the bath in the future though.  They left a good scent in the water & on my skin that does last!  The scent used is mix of green tea and clover & in their original bubbles they all have a theme to them.  This one is: Intensive positive luck.  Infused with actual Four-Leaf Clover extract imported from Ireland.  It’s all about an abundance of GOOD LUCK!

Since I used this in the bath I wanted to use a shower gel or soap for my cleansing.  I thought of  using I Love Cosmetics... Mango & Papaya but then decided against it.  Then I pulled out my The Olive Branch shower gel and it just CLICKED!

Of course I have sniffed out all the others!  I can't wait to use them & find "perfect pairings" for them too.  They really have a cool selection of products from their Cocoa Nostra lip balms (which I WANT to try!) to bridal and even sorority themed gifts and sets, exfoliating body washes, lotions, dry oil perfume sprays!  The scent mixes for their I'm Not Here, I'm Really... sound divine also!  Under Green you can find their products that are paraben, pthalate, synthetic dye and gmo free.  They have free shipping with orders over $75 and you can get a free mini gift if you sign up for their e-mail newsletter.  You can follow  @NotSoapRadio on Twitter and Not Soap, Radio on Facebook!

Now, before I go, Sephora has another big sale going on for $6 Urban Decay Vintage 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils.  I posted about it on Twitter already & here's the thing, they are normally $19!  When you look at this particular link it says the original prices are $9.50, but those had ALREADY been discounted from the original link here!  Shades are limited but if you're a fan of Urban Decay and/or willing to experiment with different colors, try something new, it's a big bargain!

I might take a break for a few days, unless I get super excited about something, or super bored.  I have a lot of mail/crafts to work on & want to finish reading a few books.

Until later... Happy bathing everyone!

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