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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ginger warms the soul.

Yesterday was a good day.  In my boredom I have been scoping out a bunch of other beauty blogs, entering contests, reading a book, working on art projects and reading up on my disease (which will never end because as soon as I think I have something figured out I don't!).

I don't feel like I got a lot done but I won a Super Minty Soap'N Scrub by Bliss from The Beauty of Life blog. (Don't forget to also follow on Facebook & Twitter.)  Chris & I went to see Kick Ass 2 finally & it was awesome & funny!  ("I Don't like reboots!"  LOL!  I really am a geek & I am ok with this!)  Then I had my amazing ginger bath.

I love ginger!  I love the potent way it tastes, I love the pungent, strong smell of it.  Once Chris even got me these chocolate covered gummy ginger candies that were SO spicy I really didn't know if I liked them or not... though I ate the whole box!  So yeah, I ended up loving them.  Couldn't get enough!  I especially love the way real ginger makes me feel.  Considering I still feel like I am being doused with ice every day.

Ginger is known to help with digestion, increase circulation & blood flow and also help as an anti-septic.  Ginger can also thin your blood, which I found out one year after getting subconjunctival hemmorhages in both eyes after feeling ill & drinking ginger tea all week.  (Please don't google that because it's a horror show!)  People take baths with fresh ginger cut up or ground, ginger tea, and even ginger essential oils for these effects.

My bath last night consisted of:

Winter Bath

OMG did you KNOW there is a LUSH WIKI!?  Well you do now if you didn't!  :)

I'm almost a bit concerned about the coldness that has been rushing through me.  I know, I know... AGAIN I just have to be patient!  But I can't even go into my freezer & touch things in there without feeling the "burn" of the cold.  It's THAT bad.

I'm still going to get that Bliss Minty Soap'N Scrub & use it!  I have a lot of minty stuff that is more geared toward the holidays, sweet & candy-cane like.  If all else fails & my body cannot handle it, I'm positive Chris will like it & I'll get his opinions on it in addition to my own.  Plus it will be a new experience to write about for those of us who suffer from Hashimoto's or hypothyroid & are obsessed with good smelling things & fine soaps like I am.  

It scares me and saddens me in a bit.  In a few months the weather will get colder, though this summer has been unseasonably cold regardless High 40's-mid 50's at night.  Highest temp this week is supposed to be 84º and 77º next week.  I got a bit annoyed the other day when I went out and it was 71º, said it was "cold" and Chris corrected me how it "wasn't cold."  I got upset & I feel kind of bad about it because he really has no clue how this feels.

I want to enjoy my autumn & winter.  I lived in CA for a few years &, believe it or not, I YEARNED for the seasons back, the cold, the snow.  I missed it so much.  Sure, I could have went up into the mountains during the winter months but when you live in Los Angeles & are working to get by, not vacationing, & losing $, it's not that easy.

So this is another depressing feeling I am getting.  If I am not better by this time HOW will I be feeling?  How will I react to the cold winters now?  How will my skin be considering I already had a problem with dryness & eczema due to my medical condition?  Will it get better?  Will I be much worse even if I'm feeling "generally" better?  Will one thing end up worse than the other?

I think a lot.  I like to plan.  Can you tell?

Time for me to plan my bath for tonight!  Happy bathing!

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