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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Are you getting the best beauty deals through coupon sites?

I want to let you know that when I tweet deals from Groupon, Living Social or Deal Chicken, I actually check to see if they are the best deals around & even look for reviews.  There are a ton of good & similar products out there.  Sometimes, even though you think you are getting a deal through these sites, they aren't always the best.

For example, Deal Chicken currently has a hot flash relief cream at $10, free shipping.  They have it listed as a $20 retail (& I actually found the retail between $25-30).  I thought, when I was suffering with my Graves' disease this would have came in extremely handy because I got terrible hot flashes & maybe I should share it so others with Graves' would have a good deal & some relief.  It sounds like a great deal, right?  Well, I found it on for $9.79 & depending if you need other things or what promotions has going on you might also get free shipping.  Not the best deal so I didn't tweet it.

I just posted one through Living Social for a collagen plumping lip gloss trio by Whitening Lightning at $17 (it states shipping is $5 so it would be $22).  They come with a mirror & light for easy application.  They retail at $99 (YES $99!), so even with the extra $5 it's a deal, right?  On it's $63.95 & I found one on eBay for $40.  There's another trio by them that they say retails at $38 & is being sold for $35, but I think they may be smaller, not too sure.  I even found a lot of great reviews with a google search, like this video!  So, the Living Social deal is still the best I could find.  I haven't personally tried it (though I'm tempted at such a great deal) but if you're looking to try some new glosses with good reviews it might be worth checking out!

I do my research!  :)

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