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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Abooooouuut FACE! Villainess Mud review!

In my purge of Villainess items I had recently acquired,  one of the things I decided to get was Embargo Mud in their About Face line.  This line is mostly made up of "dry" masques so with all the Muds, you will be getting a container of a dry powder.  Reading through the descriptions of each, the Embargo Mud seemed the best for me as my skin is really in need some balancing with the current state of my hypothyroidism.

Villainess Stash
The 2 things I looked at on their site to determine the best one for me was:
  • Distinguishing Features: Imported skin-toning clays, oil-regulating patchouli, and healing clove essential oil.  
  • Wanted ForBalancing Oil secretion, purging pores, and cleansing lifeless complexions.

On the product it advises to blend 1 teaspoon of the product with 1 tablespoon of warm water (or liquid of your choice), apply & leave on for no longer than 15 minutes.  I also inquired on their Facebook page what they recommended as far as how many times a week they should be used.  I received a quick response advising, "Probably no more than once a week. Some of those clays have serious drawing capacities."

As you can see, using water the consistency of it was very... well... watery.  I reccomend using a mask application brush to soak it up & get it out of your dish then apply it to your skin.  Because of the consistency, it ran down my face to my nose & chin so I will have to try & master this a bit better.  Try applying it in light layers.  I think maybe next time I will use honey instead of water also & see how that works!  Who knows, I may end up sticking with the water mixture in the future.

You can definitely smell the patchouli in it.  Very warm, earthy, sweet and smokey, which could bother some of those who are not patchouli fans but not me.  I left it on for 10 minutes then rinsed off with lukewarm water using my hands.  The mud has a slight grittiness to it that's not too harsh, a good exfoliate.

Final word?  My skin feels FANTASTIC!  It's soft, it smells good and I can definitely FEEL a balance.  Another thing that was kind of crazy was I had a new blemish starting on my nose that I was sure was going to end up a nasty old whitehead & it's like it just disappeared after using this!  I don't think I've ever had something like this happen before!  So far, I'm loving it!  They also advise you can use these products elsewhere on you that may be beneficial but I think I'll use this strictly for my face.

My bath tonight consisted of:

I don't know how I've managed to keep the discontinued Lush items in such good shape until use but I somehow did.  I guess that I can thank the plastic industry for that.  :(  Psychodelic & 'Ol Blue Skies went well with my scent theme but Sugar Scrub was a bit too woodsy scented, though not really described so. (FYI the wiki advises Psychodelic was manufactured until 2003 but I DID get mine as a retro item much later than that.)

*NOTE: I wrote all of the above last night & then just got too tired to read through it before posting so now it's almost 6am the following morning.

I got restless around 5am today so I got up, took my medicine & plopped down in front of the computer.  Usually morning & mid-day I get flare ups where my skin & (internal) temperature gets all messed up because of me being hypothyroid.  I say internal because, like hypothyroid & Graves' my numbers can be in "normal" range and yet I can still feel awful.  My skin still feels great after using the mud though I'm feeling swollen & sore, which is normal from the evil prednisone.  So I'm still happy.  Nothing looks or feels irritated & I have no new problem spots which is common for me to wale up to if I don't agree with a product.  I think I will make Wednesdays my masque night.

I tweeted about this yesterday & hopefully, if you're following, you got it!  Groupon currently has a $5 for $10 of product at Sephora!  It says there's only a day left &, though it may not seem like much, if you're anything like me & DON'T get it, you'll end up in Sephora buying a ton of stuff & wishing you had.  So, I'd jump on it!  You can use it online or in store & it DOESN'T EXPIRE!

There's a bunch of other deals going on that I tweeted about too so check me out @popscene01.

Until later... happy bathing!

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