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Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Yes!  So I have a (somewhat) clear head at the moment, am in between my generic brain fog of lortabs & pain and because I tend to think about others more than myself, I thought I would post some stuff.

I will write about the surgery later when I has a bit more strength & mindset.  Whenever that will be.

I posted publicly on my Facebook page today 2 links for certificates through Boomerang.  One is a $5 off $20 for Julep & the other is $5 off $50 when you shop at Target online.  They expire after 30 days &, from what I have been able to tell, can only be shared through Facebook wall posts at this time.  I couldn't find an option to tweet or e-mail them.

Boomerang doesn't bombard you with e-mails but you get at least 1 weekly with usually a free $5-10 off a certain amount spent.  Some place I usually haven't heard of.   You can also buy certificates in certain amounts for friends on their birthdays or special occasions for places like Bath & Body Works, Etsy, Groupon, Sephora, Anthropologie, etc.  In the past I've even received deals for Ghirardelli & Diamond Candle.

So, if you are an online shopper like me, sign up, take advantage.  When you send certificates, you may even get additional free ones of your choice. 

You may/may not be able to use these in conjunction with other promos & certificates, depending what they are.  I was able to use the Julep in combination with their July clearance and with another gift certificate I had that I had been saving up.  So a, close to, $50 order (including shipping) became $30 with the sale & then became $11 with the codes (I had $14 certificate plus the $5).  DEAL!

More later!


  1. Amanda, I would like to know more about your surgery. I don't have a Facebook account but I'm very much interested to know more of you.

    1. Thanks for you interest in my blog! Please let it be known this is a personal, opinionated blog & should not be used for any medical facts or research. If you are suffering from Graves', Hashimoto's or any type of hyper/hypotheroidism there are many great forums & groups to check out. For example: is a great forum that provides many links to doctors & research to help you along the way.

      The link to facebook was to take advantage of the Boomerang deals. Unfortunately those deals are not available for share on any other social media at this time. You can sign up with them at for their e-mails &/or follow them on Twitter at @boomerang.

      Take care,