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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The perfect spiced apple cider.

In a bath.
  • 1 Apple Jack & Peel bath bomb I got from jakegreymom01.
  • Equal parts Gingerbread Girl body wash by Philosophy & Green Apple body wash from The Body Shop.
  • Then a small touch of Glögg body wash by Lush. (Which BTW I found under their RETRO part of the UK site.)

I already have a spiced cider body wash from Philosophy but I always find it more fun to mix stuff.  Plus I think the mix smelled even better then just the 1 body wash on its own.  You could use any apple scented bath additive like salts or a bubble bath.

So a lot has been going on.  I got a new cat, still got my old cat, got my haircut.  Not just since the last post, but over the last few months!  I am still sick though so this is just going to be a small update today.  Fever every day since Sunday, except for today... so far.

Trying to decide what I want to do for my bath tonight.

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