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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Head cold yuck.

No sooner after I posted yesterday I started feeling worse.  My nose got so stuffy & congested and I started getting chills so I had my heated blanket turned way up.  Chris came home & I felt bad because I felt awful.  He got me a Tumbles the pink cat Ty Beanie Ballz, some peanut butter Twix (yum!) & a heart shaped pizza from Just Pizza.  Of course he got me a very nice card also.  I only got him a card.


He went out & got me some meds which knocked me out not long after taking them.  Didn't use the CPAP because it only covers my nose & I couldn't breathe in/out of it enough.  More chills & night sweats.  When the alarm went off this morning I felt cold but could also feel the heat radiating off me me against the blankets.  Couldn't fall back asleep so I was on the computer for a few min, then parked myself on the couch for, well, the majority of the day.

So tonight's bath consisted of:
I have the Orange Grapefruit body wash from Village Naturals also & I'm not sure why I just didn't use that because the Cucumber Mint was a bit sweeter than I had wanted for the bath.  The salts are pretty potent & have a kick of peppermint.  Not a sweet kind of peppermint though.  My sinuses seem to have cleared up (for now) but I do know I need to take more medicine soon because my ears feel like they are plugging up now.

I don't think Village Naturals is making these particular salts anymore.  They have a newer product line out & I had bought 3 bottles of the salts at Target 1/2 off.  Glad I did, but I know I'll be upset when I run out.

I really should make a specific post that lists companies, their sites & maybe put little bullets to links of favorite products of theirs & where you can buy them.  Unfortunately, a lot of companies seem to have quick turnover of products & are always changing their lines every few years.

Well, back to the couch for another nap.  Hope everyone reading this is well!

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