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Friday, February 3, 2012

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

I was just thinking how I should have used epsom salts in my bath tonight.  This all goes into a new adventure of mine with sleep apnea.  I know I have trouble sleeping, wake up all the time, am exhausted all day.  I was diagnosed with a mild form of it last year so we decided to start off with a mouthpiece for it.  The dentist I was seeing kept acting like I would get used to the mouthpiece & that it also helped with TMJ, another awful condition I have.  See, I have 1 jaw joint larger than the other (picture in previous post) & the mouthpiece was trying to pull my teeth together evenly & I knew it was pulling the jaw out of the joint.  I would wake up in so much pain when I used it & with migraines.  So forget that.

I had another sleep study done.  This one I used my mouthpiece that I have for my TMJ (not the sleep apnea one), still coming back that my breathing gets shallow or stops, my brain goes into panic mode & goes into a wake up state but it could be for minutes or seconds.  It's doing this consistently all night & I get very little REM sleep.  So onto the CPAP machine.

I'm rooting for this to work & I know I have only had it for 3 days but the 3 days has been killing me.  I have one that just goes over the nose only & at 1st the humidifier was collecting water in the chamber so if I moved in bed, the water would go all over my nose & face & it would wake me up.  Also the nasal chamber seemed a bit big so I would wake up to air leaking out in annoyance.  I think when that happened I was over correcting myself with how I sleep, tensing up & pulling my neck back.  So now I have terrible pain in my neck, back, shoulders & head.

I went back to my sleep doctor today & got a new chamber.  A bit smaller.  I am also not going to put any heat on the humidifier tonight to see how it works. Good luck me!

So my head is a but clearer now but on the verge of a migraine again.  Muscles are super sore.  Sore to the point it feels like I am coming down with a cold but I know I am not.  I should have used epsom salts for my muscles as it probably would have given me a bit more comfort from the state I am in right now. 

Onto the bath details:

My mom wanted to go to Canandaigua tomorrow but I know if I do I would end up spending more than I should at Wick-edly Sent.  Maybe later in the year.  If I feel well, we'll probably hit up craft store in the area where I'll probably spend more than I should.  Also considering I have a few good recommendations of new companies (to me) I should check out to supply me with my obsession of bath products & spend more than I should.

I will also leave you with a picture that I took of the REAL Soap Lady in ACTUAL body soap form.  My friend Andrea got this for me when she visited the Mütter Museum.  She smells like lavender & is happily displayed in my bathroom.


  1. A hot bath before bed is also supposed to help the body/help the sleep apnea/just help. anyhow, I hope the new mask is better. I hate it when the air leaks out and hits me in my eyes. My partner has learned NOT to tap the hard plastic when I am sleeping to wake me up. OMG! Hellooo!

    Feel better soon, Amanda and say hello to Canandaigua for me next time you go. Yeah, I learned to swim there :)

  2. Yay Soap Lady!!!
    I hope you feel better soon. :(