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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a nice Valentine's Day.  Regardless if you have a partner or not, it's just another Christian holiday ruined by consumerism.  So, don't get down, upset, sad or depressed by it.  I sent my Betties & besties Valentine cards and we even did an exchange at work.  I got these super cute Valentine cards from Target that had these layered stickers.  They were a bit pricey but I'm a sucker for cute stuff.  Wish I had a picture of them & I couldn't find one online.

I had a terrible time with the CPAP machine & sleeping last night.  Since I have been home I feel like I have been sneezing way too much also.  A lot personally has been going on that has been bringing me down & things have been really tough lately but I am starting therapy again & taking things day by day.

So for my bath tonight:

I'm hoping Chris will be home soon.  I am so tired I am ready for a nap on the couch.  Hope you are all feeling wonderful & happy bathing!

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