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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Citrus & Spice make bath time nice!

I am sitting down after an awesome bath with some Strawberry Chocolate tea from The Republic of Tea.  Trying to relax & I want another nap so bad but I am going to force myself to stay awake as I have to get some bills ready to pay.  Oh fun. *sarcasm

So I wanted to "spice" my bath up a bit tonight & this is what I used:

Oh so good!  I do think the bath bomb could have had used a bit more of tangerine scent to it.  The Lush soap was a disaster though.  I have been using this on & off but it seems the moisture of the shower and bath had just gotten to it too much & it was almost in a gelatinous state.  I have never had that happen with one of their soaps before.  It did its job but I am going to start keeping my solid soaps away from my nooks by my tub now.

In other news, did I mention before how the spider mites came back?  Then, more recently, which I know I didn't mention, the fungus flies came back & are attacking my daisy again.  The spider mites creep me out the most because they are technically spiders in mite size & they leave these little webs all over the plants.  I see the webs now & then on my cacti, which seem to be unharmed, but I had to trim a bunch of stems from my daisy.  After that, a few weeks later, after watering my daisy, all the fungus flies came up from the dirt & I just got so frustrated!

So, last weekend I took all of my plants from their pots, disposed of all the dirt & washed the roots.  Went to Menne Nursery & purchased a powder for the soil to take care of the flies & a spray to take care of the mites.  I also removed every stem from the daisy & just re-potted the bulb so my poor pot of dirt looks so depressing now.  The cacti still look good.  I want to get more plants but these bugs are driving me crazy!

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