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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Broken thoughts.

I keep starting posts & never finishing them.  So, for this one I am going to start off w/my bath for tonight & then get into a product I tried a few days ago.

I read on Facebook that B&BW is going to be bringing back their summer vanilla line for a limited time.  They are having a Fresh Picked party at their stores 10am-4pm on March 17th & also online.  On that day they are going to bring back the summer vanilla products & w/any home fragrance purchase you get a free gift.  I am not sure if the vanilla line will be for that day only or what, so be sure to check it out if you want to get your hands on some.

Now onto a bath I had a few days ago.  Target had some of these 1x use bath products on sale by Que Bella & the line looked interesting.  They were selling them in store for a bit over $2 for just one packet & so I was able to get their chocolate foaming bath syrup for around $1.

I like how it listed it was 80% natural ingredients.  Unfortunately, the packaging is not biodegradable & the fact they just sell these as 1x use packets kind of sucks because it creates a lot of waste.

What it looks like going into the bath.
Yay!  Bubbles!
Where'd all the bubbles go?

After the shot of it drizzling into the bath I put it directly into the running water so I could get my, what they say on the packaging, "loads of bubbles."  They dissipated extremely quickly & the scent was extremely faint.

So, to make up for it (since I wanted a chocolatey bath darn it!) I used chocolate frosting shower gel by Philosophy & then lathered on some of The Body Shop's new chocomania body butter.

So a big thumbs down on the Que Bella product I tried.  This doesn't necessarily mean their other products aren't good & maybe I will try some of the other ones out... only if on sale.  Glad I didn't stock up on the bath syrup.

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