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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back to the house of pain!

So I was up for about an hour around 2-3AM.  Went back to sleep w/my CPAP & then woke up around 9.  Tried to nap through the day as I've been exhausted but I was in a lot of pain this morning & on/off migraines & headaches all day that made it difficult.  Broke down and took Excedrin Migraine after my bath & so now I am doing a bit better.

I was still waking up a lot last night, not as much as I remember from before.  The mask is still annoying but it's more comfortable than the initial one they gave me.  So my craptastic feeling put me behind on doing some decos I wanted to & I also didn't go anywhere with my mom.  I promised to go shopping with her tomorrow.  Even if I have to drug myself up.

I will not be watching the Super Bowl.  Getting frustrated with my Buffalo Sabres hockey also.  2 goals in a row by the NY Islanders making the game 3-1 made me turn it off & watch My Cat From Hell.

So for my bath tonight I used:
Yes, I have purple walls & towels!
The epsom salt was CVS brand that I found one day there & it looked interesting.  It's very lightly scented & I can barely pick up the green tea while in the bath & no chamomile at all.  I didn't see it on their website so it may be in stores only.

I'm pretty excited also because I got a small package of a new bath bomb from a company I have purchased from in the past to try out.  I am not going to go into too much detail because I don't know if, after trying it, they just want my opinion or if they want me to post about it here, considering it's not for sale on the company's site yet.  So, I sent an e-mail asking if it's ok to blog about it or not.  I can't wait to try it out but I am holding off because I want some of my aches to go away 1st.  I want to enjoy it, though I know I will regardless.

Well, I am going to make some tea & get some mail ready for Monday, while I am feeling up to it.  Today I'll leave with a picture of my baby who made a nook for himself of bedding that was bundled up to be washed.  Can you see him?  He got really mad when we moved him but actually let him be for a good while because he was happy there.

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