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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Already February?

And I have not posted yet in 2012? What's wrong with me? Of course I have been taking my daily baths & I have some stuff I really want to get into detail about.

I was in the mood to try something new & so I hunted through eBay listings for more bath bombs. I am addicted to these things. I already have too many but there's 365 days in a year... wait it's a leap year so 366, minus the 32 days we already had including today... so I have 334 days remaining for bathing goodness.

So I found Jody's Bath Bombs & More & what stood out was some of the scents & scent descriptions. For example, I got a bath bomb called Magi Magic that was described as: Butterscotch, butter rum, cinnamon and meringue with vanilla extract and confectioners sugar. And then there was Bushels of Fun described as: Top notes of brandy, apples & pears. Middle notes of pecan, walnuts & cinnamon. Sits on a dry base of bourbon and vanilla.

Not only do these smell AMAZING but the best comparison I can make to these are that they remind me a lot of Me! Bath bath bombs.  Now, they're a lot smaller at 4.5 oz. but they are incredibly moisturizing so there's no reason to make them any bigger.  They're perfect.  The ingredients being: Mango, Shea, Cocoa Butters, Vitamin E Oil, Almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba oils, Baking soda, Citric Acid, Dead Sea salt, Mineral salt, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance, Colorant.

Now, the first batch I won off listings & so when I got them she sent me a huge list of other scents she has available so I wanted to try more.  I bid again on new listed ones but only won 1 of them & so I sent her a message & bought 19 more of them privately from her & gave her some scents I wanted to try.

The 1st one I used was Oakmoss & Sage.  This I used in conjunction with Bath & Body Works Juniper Breeze body wash & lotion.

Today I used Alien Type. (Notes of bright melon and sparkling mandarin are mixed with orange blossom, star jasmine, and rose. A woody base is supplemented by vanilla and musk.) This I used with Lush Grass body wash.

Now I pulled one to let my mom have a sniff when she was over the other day & I left it on my computer desk forgetting it was there.  Every time I sat down at my desk I kept smelling something coffee-like & sweet and just oh-so-good.  It was the Coffee Caramel Cream.  I still have not used it in the bath & it is STILL on my desk smelling wonderful.

Another scent that I got but have not used yet is Grape.  I am really excited to eventually use this one.  It smells wonderful & I have noticed a lot of people in the bathing world tend to stay away from using grape scent.  I especially love it mixed with vanilla!

So I have a lot more of these that I will be trying out & writing about.  Need to be updating my daily baths more often.  Even if it is just the product used.  But when I write I like to write so I tend to go on & on.

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