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Saturday, December 31, 2011

To ring in a new year!

Last bath of 2011.  So the last bath to ring in the new year consisted of:

The Humango bath ballistic from Lush is huge. I think this was the 1st over sized ballistic they ever made & they were selling it for $14, if I remember right.  It has a lemony scent & large chunks of their You've Been Mangoed bath melt in it.  This came out in 2008 & I have been waiting for the perfect time to use it, which ended up being tonight.

Now, many people broke up this bath bomb of theirs because it's 1.5 lbs. of goodness but I have 1 more in stock so I decided to throw the whole thing in.  I am glad I did.  The bath was so creamy & moisturizing I didn't want to get out & the scent was still holding well considering I have had it for so long.  The mango body wash was a perfect touch to this & even though the shea & honey soap says it's unscented, it does have a slight sweet smell to it.  This bath was perfect.  I soaked & relaxed & didn't want to get out.  Eventually I did, patted dry, & finished off with some papaya dry oil spray.

Now, my 2011 is coming to an end.  It really has been an awful year & on Monday there was a mishap later in the day which caused my doctor to put me on a leave of absence from work until next Thursday.  I'm actually already anticipating going back because I really do love job (& also I am not getting paid & get bored rather quickly at home).  I am trying to clean house, organize, there is so much to do but I also have to keep my health in a good state & it has been hard both physically & mentally lately to do so.

That story is for my personal blog though.

Chris is going to pick up a pizza w/artichokes (YUM) & some wings for himself & we are probably going to spend the new year falling asleep on the couch, wake up to wish each other a happy new year & then go to bed. I had options for other things, but this will make me most happy & that's what I really need right now.

I wish everyone a wonderful new year.  I hope to do a lot more blog posts, check out & review new & old products.  I wish good health to all & may the new year be rewarding in many ways to you & your families.

XO Amanda

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