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Saturday, December 3, 2011

(most) Bath goodness has arrived!

Those are my new Yankee Candle samps that I am using for Mixology as of now.  Festive!  They are having a 30% off your entire purchase ending tomorrow.  Use code FF211 online or print this coupon for stores.  Can you believe they are already coming out w/their new spring fragrances!?

This weekend I need to decorate. Instead, what do I do?  I go shopping.  Today was more craft shopping w/my mom but I also put away & organized a lot of my gifts that I received throughout the week.  Out of all the stuff I snatched up for Black Friday, the only thing I am still waiting on is my package from Me Bath!  That's what I get for free shipping though everything else I ordered on the same day, earlier, or even LATER was already received by Friday.  Even my Lush UK order!  I already received that!!

So that start, this is everything I got in my package:

Don't mind the cat tower to the left & to my Betties & friends, don't inspect the photo too closely because there are some gifts in their for you.  Maybe later I will make a post w/everything I got but this is probably the best order I have ever had w/them as far as shipping & receiving.  So I saved close to $170 by placing the order through the UK & not through NA & most the bombs & melts are put in biodegradable plastic now!  Only a few bombs were still crushed in the package & 1 bubble bar, the Superstar, as it was one of few not wrapped up.  Still all salvageable.  Last year a bunch of bombs came crushed & the stupid post woman was all complaining because "powder" was coming from the package.  I had to go to the post after hours to pick it up & they even called my home phone because they were "concerned" about the package.  Ugh.

Now I also placed an order with Sephora.  I hate crowds & could have went into their store but I usually can get everything I want online & w/what I end up spending it always ends up being free shipping.  So, why leave my house & have to deal w/the bah-humbugs of shopping.  Oh you know they are out there, especially on Black Friday!!

Here are some things I got:

Tokidoki bag w/samples.

Fresh - Citron de Vigne Set

Everything else.

Dior - Addict To Life 500 point perk.

Milton wants to inspect the stash & get pets.

Tarte - All About Lips natural sugar exfoliator.

A lot of perfume samples that I will soon inspect & if I really can't handle something I'll usually give it away.  I can be pretty particular about my scents.  Mostly strong florals is what I cannot handle.  Like today when we went to this craft fair at this school, this one older woman was doused in some strong smelling floral perfume & I got a whiff of it & ended up sneezing almost the entire time I was there it was so strong!  Even some perfumes I like & own I end up sneezing a few times when I 1st apply it but then my nose usually settles down.  I'm a sucker for good scents.

I also really like how the Tarte sugar exfoliator top comes w/a mirror on it.  I actually didn't know the base held it closed, so when I opened it I got the surprise.  Cute!

Now I also got 6 wonderful smelling, small tumbler candles from Yankee Candle as 2 ended up being free but they are all gifts so I am not going to post any pics of them on here.


Today was a kind of amusing day.  I went to Barnes & Noble because my "secret santa" for our work exchange wanted a book.  Well, there were 3 things listed.

  • James Patterson Books (new)
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Irish Hat

Ok.  So I have NO clue what an Irish hat is, & I would rather support reading a good novel than wasting $ on electronic songs where if your hard drive that they are on crashes you could lose everything.  I see a brand new novel by James Patterson but the list said book(S) & the new novel is close to $30 which is double the amount we are supposed to spend.  To make the matter worse, I got my own supervisor!  So I see the new, new novel but there are a million other novels by him & I'm getting confused because he didn't list the name of the book & put the "s" after the word book.  So the secret is out because I texted him & yelled at him for being too vague in his list & he texted back laughing at me telling me it is the new book & that he has all the others, & since it's not a secret anymore I told him I'd save the paper wrapping it.  Ha!  I did find it for our limit on Amazon & ended up getting a  the newest Keane CD for myself which got me free shipping.  Got it to all work out.

Speaking of Amazon, I placed an order w/them the other week & received all my items all at the same time except 1 particular thing that I was getting for myself & also for a gift.  2 of 1 item, so there is no confusion.  I checked online & the missing item said it was in stock & under my order it advised the order was placed & that was that.  I sent them a simple "What's up with that?" e-mail & w/in 24 hours I had a response apologizing & they gave me a free upgrade to 1 day shipping.  Needless to say the item is on its way & I should have it Monday.  They didn't even need to upgrade the shipping & I still would have been fine as long as they got the order going but it was great customer service online!  Very happy.


More good customer service came from Keurig this week.  Things have been hectic & I got my Keurig about a year ago as a giveaway from work.  Now I have been having a bunch of on/off trouble with the machine here & there.  It filling up cups too little or not enough on the settings I selected.  Once it wasn't even dispensing water & the program screen locked up.  Usually these always ended up correcting themselves & didn't happen all that often.

But last week Chris & I were sitting on our couch watching TV & all of a sudden we heard the Keurig machine start going & we can hear the water flushing out of the machine.  So we quickly go into the kitchen & unplug the machine.  Later we try plugging it back in again & the program screen is completely blank.  It has been broken ever since.  So I'm hoping again it may just correct itself & wait a few days, still nothing.  Start doing some research online & there are a ton of problems w/the machines being reported.

I'll be honest, I would never buy a Keurig.  I find the K-Cups to be very wasteful on the environment & I can wait a few minutes to heat up a little water if I really want something.  I'm thinking the product may not be under warranty anymore considering it was most likely purchased over a year ago & since I got it from my job I don't have the receipt.

So I decided to call them & advise of what was going on & do some troubleshooting.  The guy I got on the phone was very professional & friendly.  Had me do a few things that I probably already did a bunch of times before I called, he checked the serial # & said it was under warranty so they are shipping me a new one.  All I have to do is pay to send back some part that was in the old one as proof that I had the machine.  No problem.

I didn't think it was going to be easy.  I thought they were going to make me ship them the whole machine, or take it somewhere to be fixed.  That's what happened w/my Cannon camera that had a defect.  I had to mail them the camera & then they mailed it back to me.  I was ready to be frustrated but everything is working out well.


I hope to get back to posting some more daily baths & product reviews soon.  Done for now!

Milton enjoying the crinkly paper from my shipments.

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