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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some holiday fun contests on Facebook.

Regardless of the holidays there are always a lot of contests going on on Facebook.

Me! Bath regularly asks questions & picks out a response to send off a free product of theirs to.  The last question they asked was what was your favorite holiday tradition?  I responded with, of course, the Festivus party my friend holds every year.  Someone else won who said how they love driving around looking at the holiday lights.  It's ok.  When they 1st joined Facebook & started this I won a bath ice cream by telling them my favorite movie quote that had meaning.  From Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, "Please let me keep this memory, just this one."  I'll probably never win again because I already did but I still have fun participating & reading what other people write.  Their page is here.

Just last week I FINALLY received my stash from them, pictured below.  I got a free papaya nectar shower sherbet.  Yum!

One Bath & Body is having a game going on every day now until the 25th of December where you guess a number between 0-200 & you can win a product of theirs.  I haven't won yet but I keep trying!  Their page is here.

The Body Shop is doing something they did last year where once a day, until Christmas, they will announce on Facebook & Twitter clues of when they will be giving away $100 gift card.  5 second prize winners will win a full sized body butter.  All you have to do is go to this site & continuously push the button to shake the snow globe to see if you get a BIG YES.  That means you WON!  Don't click too fast though or you will lose it.  Unfortunately, I'm not online enough to catch these but maybe you can!  Their site is here.  Or lookout on Twitter here.

Every Monday has a giveaway on their Facebook page.  You can enter all week w/out looking for the post as they will always update a link to the giveaway on the left side of their page.  This week they have a hair care bundle of $263 worth of products.  Sometimes there's things I have no interest in & don't enter but most of the time they'll have some great stuff they are giving away & I will.  Though I have never won yet.  Maybe someday!  Their page is here.

Every month, Wick-edly Sent Soap & Candle Company has a candle giveaway.  The only thing you need to do is like their Facebook page.  That's it!  Nothing else.  If you are on their e-mail list they will send you a monthly e-mail & announce the winner.  Or you can see the winner announced on their wall.  Pay attention though because you will need to contact them if you won & they will ship it to you for free!  They once had a basket giveaway of their bath products, soaps, & candles.  Can you believe I won!?  I gave them a call to hold it at their shop & went in to pick it up a week later (& also to shop).  They told me that they are surprised at how many people actually do not claim their prizes.  I was also.  They have awesome products & after you see how awesome they are, you'll want more!  Their site is here.

This is all I can do for now.  I have had a tiring day working on holiday cards & packages that need to go out in the mail tomorrow.  Festivus is also next week so I need to prepare!

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