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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa is on his way!

Tonight my daily bath consisted of:

These smell divine together & have a nice spice scent to them that they both mix well.  I have actually been using this combination throughout the week.

Yesterday I used:

Keep your eyes open for all the sales coming out.  No one waits anymore until after Christmas.  Just like no one actually waited for Black Friday.  Everything is starting early.  B&BW already is having its Yellow Sale & Yankee Candle is already having its Semi-Annual Clearance Sale.

I finally have a day after Christmas off where I can go shopping!  One of my best friends will be in town & I know I will probably go overboard.  I am thinking I may get to find better deals online though I am not sure just yet.  I almost had a (good) anxiety attack going through all the bath products I have in my closet.  I just got too excited.

This morning I went to my parents where I made sugar cookies w/my mom & decorated them.  Then I took a nap & Chris came home & we went back to my parents where we all carpooled to my Aunt's for our annual Christmas eve party.  It was good to see all my family again & chat & eat delicious foods.

After going back home to my parent's to get our car then head home, my mom made some comment to watch out for deer.  Sure enough we turned the corner & I saw one.  Santa must be near!




    Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging the link for my favorite soap! I've used about a dozen different bars from them and this was by far my fave.

  2. It sounds delish!! I am going to have to eventually get some.