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Monday, December 19, 2011

The final countdown!

If you are not on Demeter's mailing list you have been missing their "12 Days of Christmas" sales.  Everyday they have a different fragrance listed & sell that fragrance's 1oz cologne spray for $8, instead of the normal $20.  REALLY good deal.  I'm a bit upset that I missed the Gin & Tonic day.  I saw it, I just missed out.  Running out of mine.  That & Rain are 2 of my most favorite scents of theirs. Today it's Christmas Bouquet & tomorrow it will be Christmas Tree.  These deals are only good until midnight (EST) for the day of that scent.

  • 2nd day shipping is $9.99 on orders $25+ ending noon on December 21. (X-Mas guaranteed)
  • Ground shipping is FREE on orders $50+ ending midnight January 3rd. (NOT X-Mas guaranteed)
  • $25+ orders also receive a free 1oz Peach cologne spray. (subject to change)

    Yankee Candle is also having their 12 days.  What's awesome about YC though is that each deal they are sending out is good until December 24th.

    • 1st Day: $1 Tarts & Samps. Coupon - Online Code: H1112
    • 2nd Day: BOGO Signature Reed Diffusers: Coupon - Online Code: H1111
    • 3rd Day: 2 for $20 Small Tumblers: Coupon - Online Code: H1110
    • 4th Day: BOGO Novelty Electric Fragrancer: Coupon - Online Code: H1109
    • 5th Day: Save $15 on any $45 or more purchase: Coupon - Online Code: H1108
    • 6th Day: Save 25% off any Candle Accessory purchase: Coupon - Online Code: H1107
    • 7th Day: $5 Illuma Lid with $30 or more purchase: Coupon - Online Code: H1106
    • 8th Day: BOGO 50% off all Holiday Candles: No coupon or code needed for stores/online

    That is all they have out so far but if you are signed up for their e-mails you will see the rest as I do not know what I will next be on here.  I cannot wait for the after Christmas/Boxing Day sales & hope (pray) they will be better than the Black Friday/Cyber (blech) Monday sales I saw this year.

    Bath & Body Works really got a beat down after Black Friday/Cyber Monday as all stores & online sold out of their Twisted Peppermint body line & their company decided they were not going to be producing anymore the rest of this season/year.  How bad can you be?  Your #1 scent is so limited it sells out almost immediately.  You should see the lots that people are trying to sell it for on eBay.  My friend thinks the employees snatched up most of them.  I wouldn't be surprised.  Also, it's NOT discontinued completely, like some people think.  You just have to wait a whole year to get it again.  This is all that's left of their Twisted Peppermint line.

    Bath tonight consisted of:

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