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Monday, December 5, 2011

Bathtub Party Day!

December 5th is Bathtub Party Day!  Get a bunch of your friends together & have a bathtub party.  This isn't meant to be erotic or anything, it's a party!  Or enjoy the party on your own w/a relaxing bath, which is what I am going to do!  I usually have a bathtub party everyday!

It's a dreary day out today.  Rain & close to 50ºF outside.  It's too warm for December being in Buffalo, NY.  I need my snow because I am anticipating a white Christmas.  Gosh how I missed those when I was in Los Angeles!

It's a possibility, due to the weather my TMJ has been acting up.  As well as allergies & asthma.  More my TMJ as I woke up today & it felt as if I had lockjaw.  I can hear my jaw cracking when I open it & I have a ton of pain all down the left side of me from my head to my back.  Mostly in my head, neck & shoulder area.  I am having tensing done today which should relieve me by tomorrow but I have found this to be temporary.  I went to a dentist, other than my primary who found my left jaw bone is larger than my right one, so it is considered a medical condition.  When I have the tensing done, I have a mouthpiece that is aligned up w/my bite to also help keep my jaw in place since I have ground down most of my molars to almost nothing.  This has helped but sometimes I still wake up because I know I am trying to grind or force my teeth to move when I am sleeping.

My head is currently pounding & it hurts to move my jaw, the migraine will be here soon so I will take meds & rest.  Have a look at my x-ray.  Can you see where the problem is?

It really has all become a big mess between what insurances are covering what & who can & cannot help me.  I have to stop writing about this because it makes me mad w/everything that I am going through.

SOOoooo... last night's bath consisted of:

The spice of the bath bomb mixed well with the citrus products & these are great for a winter night.

The tree is up w/its lights, lights are up in our windows, & the wreath is on my door.  My family & I went to see A Christmas Story being preformed at the Lancaster Opera House yesterday.  My mom & I will be making sugar cookies sometime soon.  Chris made me some yummy hot cocoa this weekend & we also got candy cane lattes from Tim Hortons.

All I need now is the brisk cold & my snow that sticks!

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