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Friday, November 25, 2011

New scent mix for the bath & my thoughts on Black Friday.

I'm going to start off on my daily bath tonight which consisted of:

  • Big Blue from Lush
  • Crisp Breeze soap from Brandon Essentials
  • Raspberry Puree body lotion & Oceanus body splash from The Body Shop.

Lush bath bombs I can have a love/hate relationship with them because of the "extras" they can contain.  Mostly it is the ones with confetti or glitter that is not fine.  I still have some glitter infused (somehow) into the bottom of my (awful, plastic) tub.  Big Blue is awesome though because of the color it turns the water & the seaweed that floats around in the tub as I am bathing.  It reminds me of the ocean & the seaweed is slippery so it's not stuck all over me when I get out of the bath.

I'm not really sure what made me decide to use the Raspberry Puree lotion tonight but I am glad I did.  That, in combination w/the Oceanus, gives off a sweet & salty type scent & I am LOVING it!  It is getting me in the mood for another West Coast trip. (Sorry friends on the WC, don't get your hopes up because it will not be anytime soon!) :)  I think maybe other fruity smells may go well w/the ocean type scents but I am very happy I tried this combination & will probably stick with it for a while.


I am not a big Black Friday shopper.  I do keep my eyes out for deals but the majority of stuff I want this time of year is for gifts.  Those gifts never tend to be on sale on Black Friday & I am not big into electronics, nor do I have children.  Even if I don't buy anything I still love to "window" shop, even if it's online, & I STILL end up buying more for myself.  I really like the after Christmas, or Boxing Day sales.  (I live very close to Canada.)

I really wasn't impressed w/what I have been seeing.  The Body Shop's Mistletote Bag is already sold out online but I was really disappointed in what it contained.  You can get ALL of the products individually & the bag, like last year's, is pretty hideous.  At least last year there were a ton more things in it & many that could not be purchased individually!

The Bath & Body Works Black Friday VIP Tote is the same thing except the bag is nicer.  All the sales going on between the 2 companies are things that they do at different times through year anyway so it's nothing extraordinary.  Like, last month I stocked up on B&BW buy 2 14.5 oz. candles for $20 right when they got them in, so I'm not pushing & shoving anyone for the same sale now, they have B3G3 a few times per year also.  The Body Shop's buy 3 for $30 only works out if you are getting something super expensive, & there are exclusions also.

So let's see if Cyber Monday will bring anything exciting.  Maybe not.

One thing I DID take advantage of was Me Bath!'s sale.  I noticed a few bath ice creams were already sold out, like the Sweet Peppermint (that one I REALLY wanted to try) & I really cannot afford an individual bath bomb of theirs at $9 each... sorry! So instead I end up spending almost $200 on all the sale bath bombs I have never tried before then stocked up on a few mini bath ice creams I really like. SMH at myself.  Well, they say free gift valued up to $100 w/every order over $25, & w/how much I spent I better be getting something good.  I will keep you all informed as to what it is once I get it.  If it's crap, I will complain!

I have not yet placed my Lush order.  I will most likely do it this weekend when I am feeling a bit better.  No Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals being I am placing the order from their UK site.  Lush NA is having a Golden Ticket game where if you get a gift you get a game code that could win you one of many things.  Then their Black Friday deal was this...

Get a FREE
$10 e-gift card
and Free Ground Shipping when you spend $100*
Free Air Shipping when you spend $120**

& the fact they released 15 new products, which were already available on the UK site months ago.  How unexciting.  & they want you to spend a LOT to get this also.  I could have spent $5 at Me Bath! & still had free shipping.

So there are both praises & complaints in this post.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (for my friends stateside).  I slept most of the day & was extremely crabby because I've been fighting off migraines since yesterday.

Then everything I planned to shop for online today ended up not working out.  Like, as an example, a friend of mine wanted T3 hot rollers, which had been $85 on the QVC website for as long as I can remember since I started keeping my eyes on the best deal.  Then magically today they ended up being $90 on their site.  She decided she didn't want them anyway so I had to figure out something else to get her. & then I got in a spat w/my dad because I had to work today so I asked him to see if he could find a Black Friday deal on something specific for my boyfriend.  He said he would & then later in the day when I talked to him he told me he saw something he was going to get but is holding off.  Well then if he wasn't going to get it today, if there was no deal, there's no point in him getting it for me.  I can get it myself!  Then he sends me an e-mail w/a link of what he wants to get but it's available online only & since it's MY gift to MY boyfriend there, again, is no point in him ordering it.

Oh how I HATE this time of year also!

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