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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good baths & good movies.

Can you believe I actually went to my local Body Shop the other day & purchased NOTHING!?  Even with the deal.  I remember the woman saying something about getting 45% off, when if I would have purchased online it would have been 50%.  Deal is over by now but I had pretty much everything in the store I wanted.  I'll see what they have after Thanksgiving.  I'll probably find better items on their online site.  I did get a chance to check out their new holiday ginger line though.  Very mild ginger smell which is nice.  I want some ginger tea now!


I really want to start writing about some of the companies & new products I am finding through eBay, & local companies, or smaller companies.  I have been kind of all over the place lately but I'll start simple right now w/a review of a small company I found on eBay called Swanky Bath & Body.

I put in bids for bath bombs on their eBay site.  A 3 pack was listed at $5.14 but I put a max bid of $6, because that's what they sell for on their main site anyway.  I won 4, 3 packs consisting of Champagne, Margarita, Balsam Fir, & Eucalyptus & they threw in 1 extra of an Almond Biscotti.  Shipping was approximately $12, which is $1 over the price for the priority box that was used.  Their bath bombs contain kaolin clay & witch hazel, which have skin calming effects & also cocoa butter.

I was really pleased with these.  I had ordered these mostly because of the scents.  I've been on a eucalyptus kick lately, bath bombs are better for the lady parts than bubble baths are, & I was also intrigued by the other scents listed.  Some common but the others not all that common.

The eucalyptus was not overpowering which was nice.
The balsam fir I used in combination w/a rose scented body wash & the combination was amazing.
The margarita I used in combination w/Need a Margarita? body wash & finished w/a coconut lime body spray.
Last, the champagne I paired up with Philosophy's Bubbly body wash & I am sure it would go amazingly well w/any of their champagne scented washes that they seem to like to put out during the holidays.

They leave a nice froth on the top of the bath & all smell divine, leaving just enough scent on the skin.  They are not hard as a rock so they don't take forever to dissolve, but they also don't last too short of a time either.  The bath experience is not oily & I come out w/soft skin & no pruned fingers, still always use lotion after.  I am really happy with these & would definitely get them again!


To spout off on my personal life now.  Yesterday, my friend Laurie & I went to see the new Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.  What?  It's not out yet!?  Well, last minute I got an e-mail for a pass to an early screening.  I had just seen the 3rd movie the other week on one of my movie channels & I have to say I am getting addicted.  Never read the books though now I would like to.  I remember my friend Deenok was telling me about the books years ago just before they became the "next big thing."  I always do enjoy books better because they always have much more to them than the movies.

I was joking around on Facebook that I was going to post spoilers but I'm not like that.  Very intense though & it's rated PG13.  I personally would wait until the kids are 16 to see this... or older.  Very adult!  & for all I know it actually may be tame compared to the book, from what I have heard of it.  If you are a fan though, you will not be disappointed.  Ended well to take us to into the last movie that will be coming out.  Eventually.

Where do I get these early screenings?  To be honest I have no clue how I got on the lists for these but I think it had to do w/when I lived in Los Angeles.  What was cool about living out there was you could get on lists to see movies that were still in production.  Like, I saw Radio when it was in post-production.  They took us in groups through street sets until we go to the theater & after were asked to stay in a focus group about the movie where they asked questions about it & then after we got free movie tickets!  Here it's nothing like that though.  You go, you watch for free, you leave.  They have reserved seats for press & I have seem them pick people to interview after the show at times, rarely, & not groups.  Chris & I have seen other movies through these including Watchmen, and The Hangover before they were officially in the theater.

Most likely you will need to be living close to a major metropolitan area, or a large city to take advantage of these.  So if your interested, check out sites like Gofobo or Film Metro.  If you do sign up for these & have events in your area though, they keep track of what you take & what you go to.  So don't reserve spots for everything if you are not going to go.

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