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Monday, June 29, 2015

Love your booty & keep it fresh with Booty Fresh!

My best friends and I are always complaining about butt problems, so much so that if you know us well enough, or follow us, you will often see us mention either, "Butt problems," or, "Occupado!"  So when I saw the opportunity to test out Booty Fresh I jumped right on it!  For this post I teamed up with my bestie, Brown.  I transferred some of the product into a spray bottle like the one it came in, gave her the directions, and we were good to go.

After a little bit of time I asked my number 2 for her opinions on the product.  I'm going to get it out there right away that we both came to the conclusion this is not a product we would buy.  BUTT, it did have its pros and cons and I think there is a market out there for it.  So, I'm going to start with some details about the product and its claims, then Brown will give her opinions, then I will give mine.

  • Retails $35.00 for 4oz on Amazon.
  • About The Product:
    • GET WHERE SOAPS, WIPES, AND TOILET PAPER CAN'T: Take Poo Pourri a step further! Toilet Paper leaves little bits behind. Simply cleaning the surface with soap & water is not enough, because bacteria has sunk into the skin. Booty Fresh pulls out what you've been sitting in all day.
    • UNSCENTED & EXTRA SOOTHING: Booty Fresh is made with soothing aloe vera & leaves your bum smelling like... well...  nothing! That part is for you to decide.
    • EXTRACT & NEUTRALIZE ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA: Booty Fresh is not a cover up nor a perfume. With one full application of Booty Fresh, & with normal bathing, you won't notice offensive odor from the offending area for up to 7 days. This stuff works!
    • IMPROVE YOUR LOVE LIFE: We spend so much time on our hair, face, and outward appearance, but then we forget our most offensive area! Finish the job, and have the complete confidence that you are clean and sexy.
    • IBS, CROHN'S DISEASE, INDIGESTION: Manage embarrassing fetor caused by bodily ailments.
    • ALL NATURAL: Safe to spray in mouth & safe to swallow. (Yuck! We DO NOT recommend.)
    • PET USE OK.
    • HASSLE FREE GUARANTEE: Contact Amazon within 30 days for a full money back refund.
  • How To Use: Approximately every 2 days, hold product upside-down and spray 3-4 properly aimed sprays directly on washed and dried booty.  Let product sit for 3-5 minutes or more then rinse or wipe off.
Now for what my best friend thought...

"Pros: smells good, does not leave residue on your skin, low irritation in certain areas.
Cons: will irritate certain lady areas so watch where you spray.  Steps of usage.

I was really not impressed with the overall product. First you spray it on before you shower, and you have to wait 5 minutes prior to bathing. This being the case, you are going to be washing yourself in the shower, in that area with soap and water so it eliminates the need for the product. This sequence of use makes it almost Impossible to know if the product is effective or not.

I would have enjoyed the product more if this was something you could use in between bathing, say post workout, when camping or traveling, or on hot days or times you need to freshen up down there and a shower is not an option."

Now my thoughts...

First off there's a design flaw.  It comes in a manual spray bottle with a tube that goes to the bottom of the bottle for the product, so you really cannot hold it upside-down and spray as all the air will go to to where the tube opening is & no product will come out.  I was able to disconnect the tube from the cap & get it to work that way.  It's also not that easy to aim and spray.  It will take a few times for you to get it right.

Considering hydrogen peroxide is the second ingredient in this, for us women, it may cause a little irritation the closer you get it to your baby cannon.  I got a little tingling when I first started using it, before I became a Booty Fresh applying pro.  That's all it was though, just a little tingle, nothing more.

You could recommend it to patients if you're in the professions of proctology, gastroenterology, esthetics, obstetrics & gynecology.  You NEED this if you're a stripper.  Or if you're into that kinky shit where you and/or your partner have your faces down in that region doing God knows what, I assure you this will probably make it more enjoyable.  Oh and the dreaded butt problems, this will help keep you fresh through those tough times.

They claim it is safe for pets but aloe is considered poisonous to both cats and dogs!  Usually pets have to ingest a lot for it to become dangerous to them but I wouldn't take any chances.

It has no scent that I could detect and I feel it did a great job at keeping my booty fresh!  The application and removal process is a bit much, in my opinion.  I would prefer it in a gel, aerosol, or wipe instead of the spray, and something that I could just apply and not have to wipe off, just for more convenience.  It DOES really work though after continuous use!  You can't just use it once then determine if it's effective or not.

It's currently on sale for $24.95 (plus shipping) at Amazon.  Try it once and see what you think!  Makes a great gag gift too just for the name and packaging.  Plus I'm sure we ALL know SOMEONE who really needs this!

This is a sponsored post. I received this free from Rubicoux LLC / Booty Fresh to try, review, and supply my honest opinion.

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