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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Save with Fuel Rewards from Shell Oil!

I thought it would be funny to link a video from one of my favorite films, Some Like It Hot, starring Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.  If you're familiar with the film you'll understand why I linked this scene and get a laugh.  If not, watch it and get a laugh!

I first learned about Shell's Fuel Rewards Network™ Program through Influenster.  The program looked great!  With it you automatically save 3¢ per gallon but can end up earning up to 75¢ off per gallon by shopping online, at participating retailers, and dining out.  If you're wondering how it works click this link, or watch the video below!

When I got my reward card in the mail I was excited.  I don't drive a lot but my boyfriend does so I was going to check it out and let him primarily use it for the savings, while I racked up the cents per gallon savings by shopping.  With my card I also got an additional 25¢per gallon sign up bonus, which would be rewarded after purchasing at least 8 gallons of gas at a shell station (limited to the first 1 million FRN members).

I went online to search for the nearest places I could shop and also the nearest Shell station so I could start using my rewards.  The site is extremely easy to navigate but, to my surprise, there are absolutely NO Shell gas stations in WNY!  I found places I could use my card to shop at to rack up savings, but no where to actually get my gas savings!  With a gas station on almost every corner here, and Shell being a huge name, I was disappointed.

Not one Shell station.  None.
This is what it looks like if there are locations in your area.

As you can see in the pictures above, off to the left you can change the map to see participating locations, dining, and e-coupons that can be used in your area under the Fuel & Save tab to help you get more savings.  You can also look under the Shop & Earn tab to help you find more savings.

I could have sworn there were Shell locations by me!  Apparently not, and the closest ones I did find were in Canada, where the program is unavailable.  Even if it was available, I wouldn't be driving to Canada just to use it.  Maybe if I traveled a lot more and out of town I could use this, but right now, it's just not for me.

Overall, the concept is pretty awesome.  So I give this...

It's just not for me and my area.

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