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Sunday, September 28, 2014

HELP Save the Undies with U by Kotex®!

Crowdtap has given me another opportunity to sample & share U by Kotex!  I was sent sent 3 sample packs, one for myself & 2 for my friends.  Each pack contained 2 U by Kotex Sleek® Tampons, and 2 Curves® Liners.

U by Kotex is on a mission!  A mission to... 
Oh you KNOW what we're talking about here!  How many pairs of undies have been lost by less than par period protection? Meredith says MILLIONS are lost EVERY MONTH!  Watch the video below to see how U by Kotex 3D Capture Core can help stop the carnage of lost undies, and at the end of the video select to see how it stands up to either red soda, pink lemonade, or the "mystery liquid."

Unfortunately, in demand as these were, I only had 2 sample packs to give out.  Want to try them out yourself?  Click right here to select your perfect match for samples and coupons.  But HURRY before they run out!  While you're at it, check out the Save the Undies page to learn more about U by Kotex's superior and innovative products, play Pad Racer or Pad Flyer, and take a quiz for some fun!

I've been one of the unfortunate ones.  Due to my hormones jumping around from hypo to hyperthyroidism, I never knew when my period was going to strike.  Hypothyroidism gave me longer and heavier periods.  Hyperthyroidism gave me spotting and missed periods.  I've lost far too many panties the last few years because of this and because of cheap period protection, though luckily, I've been more regular lately.  Why pay more to be constantly going through cheap protection or having to "double up" (you know, tampon and liner) to get the protection I need when I can find it in one product?

Not only does U by Kotex have cool and compact packaging, making it easy for storage and travel, they are doing everything they can to provide that superior protection!  The packaging is not discreet with their bold colors but hey, we're women, we get periods, it's normal, get used to it!

My friends who I gave the sample packs to were glad to take part in the sample & share.  Below are some statements from them!

Panty Parade!
Jess said: " I was really excited to try this product since I've been seeing new advertisements for them.  I like how the wrappers are cute and colorful, so I'm not embarrassed for anyone to see them.  I'm really happy with how they work.  For the size they are super effective!"

Michelle said: "So happy to have a new go to!  I really hate having to throw my panties away."

Michelle felt she didn't say enough so here's an extra sexy pic of her with her sample pack!

This is not the only mission of U by Kotex.  Did you know that over three-quarters of girls feel like they shouldn’t talk about their vagina or vaginal health in general, and more than half of girls say that most girls their age are misinformed about vaginal health?  I was extremely surprised!  U by Kotex wants us to get with Generation Know to put that to an end.  See how you can make social change & help others by taking action!  We shouldn't be misinformed or embarrassed by our bodies!

Be empowered!  
Be educated!   
Be U!

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