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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

While I pondered weak and weary...

So this morning I went to see my neurologist to have some testing done as the last couple of years, on and off I've had problems with pain, numbness and tingling in my legs and feet.  Things would happen randomly and I would just forget to mention it.  Like, I would be walking and I'd get a twinge of pain in my lower back and it would feel like my legs were going to give out.  Or I would be putting on my shoes and when I would bend over I would get tingling and pain in the bottoms of my feet.  This might happen for a few days, then it might not happen for months.  So, last week at my check up I finally reminded myself to tell her.

Today we did a Electromyogram (EMG).  Well, the 1st part of it anyway.  In each leg, and parts of my lower back, needles were inserted to various points in the muscle to record her findings.  The very 1st needle was in the lower part of my left leg and, if anything, was just uncomfortable.  So I thought the whole test was going to be a breeze, but as it went on it got more uncomfortable and much more painful.

There was one part of the test where it hit a nerve in my left leg and pain radiated up my back.  My back gave out and I felt like I was falling, like that pain I would get in my lower back where my legs wanted to give out.  I went into work and the nerve pain still radiated in me.  Took some Tylenol and that didn't help.  The pain went up into my neck, my head was pounding, I was starting to get nauseous, light headed, and sensitive to light.  I just got out of a bath and am feeling better but still not great.  My legs don't hurt as much, my head isn't pounding anymore, though I still feel like there's a lump in my left, lower back.  Maybe some ice cream will make me feel even better.  :)

Next week we will do the other portion of the testing where she will test the electrical pulses, not as invasive.  She also is trying to get an approval to have an MRI of my lower back and legs done.  As of now we know there is some type of damage.  I do not believe this has anything to do with my autoimmune disease but we are trying to rule it out and now I have many more new and unanswered questions.

I'm not even 40 yet.  Why am I having all these problems?

In other news, my mom's ATC was on the RubberStampMadness facebook page for Cinco de Mayo.  Isn't it cute?  I'm not much into rubber stamping or ATCs but I have done a few.

Eventually I'll get to my April Birchbox.  I feel like I need to lay down and rest my legs & back more.  Until then... ice cream!

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