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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring with a zing. Review of Cherie Blossom by Harvey Prince.

Thanks to Birchbox, I had this great opportunity to try out Harvey Prince's new Cherie Blossom Eau de Parfum & tell you what I think.

I'll try to build this up for a better understanding to those of you who have never experienced the seasons of the New England and Mid-Atlantic states.  Though I do sympathize with the insane storms everyone has experienced this winter, we are used to these type of things.  It doesn't mean we particularly care for it.


Spring is in the air!  Monday was in the 40's and Tuesday hit 50º!  That's shorts weather here in Western NY.  Birds were chirping, the ugly, dirty snow piles were melting and I could see the grass!  I was even getting that feeling of wanting to do some spring cleaning.  Then on Wednesday it was in the 30's and this happened...

Over a foot of snow & our 2nd blizzard of the year.  Being a Buffalonian I can't complain & I really don't complain if it snows after the holidays unless it's May.  I'm happy to say that's rare.  And just to give more perspective on the weather here, Thursday's high was only 17º, yesterday the high was 54º, and right now it's snowing outside.  Yay spring!

I stated a few things in my last post about why spring isn't my most favorite season, but I also posted some things I like about it.  Right before summer hits & the humidity of it kicks in, there is a time I love where it's warm enough to open the windows, I can hear the spring peepers singing in the creek out back, everything becomes very lush & green, I can enjoy my breakfast on the back porch, and there's this sweet smell of nature in the air.

THAT, my friends, is the time of year we anticipate after the long winter and Harvey Prince's Cherie Blossom takes me there.  It's a romantic, comforting, and uplifting scent of Somei Sakura, grapefruit, vanilla, and cool musk.  What I love about this is the sakura scent is very soft on my senses, the grapefruit gives it an uplifting zing, and the vanilla & musk are comforting, extremely light, and not overpowering.  Spring with a zing is a great way to describe it!

So it gets the thumbs up from me, but what about those who are close to me?  Everyone really liked it & I didn't hear any complaints when worn.  From my friends I got, "Oh that smells lovely!  What is that?"  I also got the thumbs up from my boyfriend & he is completely honest if he doesn't like something.  Usually I can tell by his facial expression before he even tells me.  My mom even liked it but said, "Don't wear that around your dad."

Which brings us to its strength.  If you are hypersensitive to floral scents or not a cherry blossom fan, stay away.  One spritz to your pulse point is enough as it goes on strong.  Yet if you do end up loving this fragrance, there is a downfall to it.  The fragrance doesn't last very long.  I thought I was just getting desensitized to the scent, but after just a few hours I would see if others could smell it & they couldn't.  The do have a rollerball of the scent that you can purchase, good for travel and application throughout the day.  Overall, it's a lovely fragrance that makes me long for a warm and beautiful spring.


Harvey Prince's fragrances are crafted in the USA, 100% hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, and free of benzene, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, triclosan, and GMOs.  They are fair trade, using only fine ingredients with no toxic chemicals.  You can purchase their fragrances direct or through Birchbox.  Learn all about them here!

Thanks again Birchbox!  :)
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