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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post surgery social/online shopping boredom.

Being home on my ass all day is a recipe for boredom, & social/online shopping.  So, what have I been doing?  Social/online shopping, yes!  Also working on a lot of my mail art books, reading, resting, going to doctors, talking to doctors, setting up & moving around doctor appointments.  Not moving around much & still not allowed to drive.

Sephora still has an OPI clearance going on where you can get 3 selected polishes or top coats for $10.  You can find the available polishes right here, and the top-coats right here.  Remember, these usually do not last so get them while you can!  I placed the order August 6th & today's the 8th & I already have it in my hands!  The ones below are what I got with links to them.  Except for the light green one called "Is It Payday Yet?"  It's already sold out & gone from the site.  The links for the others will probably be disabled as soon as they sell out.

I'll be honest.  I'm not really a nail polish person & nail art has really kicked off with all the colors, coats, glitters, designs, textures.  It really has been mind blowing & pretty cool to see what people have been doing.  I can barely paint my right hand without getting it all over my skin & having to do a major cleanup after though.  So, unless I want something dramatic & wild, that I will leave up to the professionals.  I'm going to be pretty basic with how I will be doing my nails.

In addition to that I wanted to be pampered so I got something I had a sample of before.  SugarBath Lemon Bath Cubes by Fresh.  I had a few from a gift set I received a while back and just adore the soft, sugary, lemon scent.  They also left my skin feeling great & since after this surgery, & how "off" I have been feeling, I'm glad I made the purchase.  I would have bought it eventually.  Why not now?

Sephora really did good with my online order this time.  Not ONLY did I get EVERY sample I requested (usually always missing one I wanted, or was replaced with something else I didn't want/would not use) I got my samples of thickening shampoo/conditioner by Bumble and Bumble, rejuvenating serum by Tata Harper, Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue by Atelier Cologne, a light argan oil deluxe sample by Josie Maran that I got with a code (those were all the requested ones) AND they also threw in a sample of Honey by Marc Jacobs, PLUS a Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette by Aquolina.  SCORE!

Other orders I am waiting for are Julep, a Drugstore/ order & one from  I will post about those later when received.

So, I know I wrote before about how terrible the aftermath of the surgery was. This is my 3rd surgery ever & I really don't know what the problem was with this one.  All the nurses & doctors were nice but I'm paying a huge co-pay for this, I know I'm going to be feeling like crap & so I just want to be as comfortable as possible & after that one night I just couldn't wait to get the heck out of there!

After the surgery I was placed in a room with another woman who had colitis.  We didn't talk, she was behind a curtain.  I don't even remember going into the room.  I remember waking up & being overwhelmed with the smell of Chinese food because her & her family were in the room eating it.  Made me so nauseous, but I was still hungry.  I think this was around 4-5pm.  I didn't want solid food because I thought I may barf it up & around 7pm, they said they would put in a request to get me some juice, vegetable broth & jello.  Visiting hours were over at 8pm, Chris left at around 8:30pm & I didn't get any food until a bit after 9pm.  I didn't get what I asked for.  I got ginger ale, cranberry juice, water and a little container of raspberry ice.

It took them FIVE times & at least 3 hours of asking for pain medication after surgery.  Anytime you would ask a nurse for something that had to go through some crazy procedure & it would take over 1/2 hour to an hour or LONGER to get them to you.  The only time they were really quick was I had this faulty IV in my left elbow.  If I even bent my elbow some alarm kept going off over, & over, & over saying the battery needed to be charged, though it was plugged into the wall.  Only solution to that was to keep my arm arrow straight.

The woman next to me snored.  LOUD.  Because of her colitis she was up to the bathroom all the time & in the process, kept moving MY IV equipment through the curtain.  This also didn't help with the stupid alarm going off on it.  Her TV sounded like it was in my ear full blast all night also.  So I just turned & left my TV on the same channel.

There were ants in the bathroom.

Also they needed to have these things on my legs that would inflate/deflate to help with my circulation.  They had them on me but never turned them on.  I had to ask about it & I don't think they got them working until 1am.

I was up for over 12 hours after the surgery & they told me the pain meds would help me sleep.  Nope.  They just came in & jabbed me with something in the back of my left arm.  No idea what medication it even was.  Calmed me down but I was not tired at all.  It did cause a nasty bruise which is still there, but almost gone now.  So at like 4-5am I was crying because I was so tired & annoyed & asking for pain meds again that were not coming.  A nurse came in after I asked for them, looked at me, the left & I had to call & ask AGAIN for the medication, which took almost another hour to get someone back in.  I was also having a problem with phlegm & coughing because of the breathing tube that had been in earlier but I knew that would go away after a few days.

I think what concerned me the most was what happened the next day.  Chris came in the morning around 8am & I felt a bit more calm & maybe got 1/2 hour of sleep.  I was apologized to because apparently they were supposed to be changing my "drainage" during the night & no one did.  Instead of me using my own medication that I had filled & brought from home, they had to administer to me what was from their pharmacy.  So they handed me all these pills & they didn't look like what I normally take so I start asking questions.  What's this one?  What's that one?

They forgot to give me the prednisone all together.  I took it once I got home.  Now, I also have asthma & with all the pain meds, breathing tube I had earlier, & the surgery, I had to be really careful & monitor it.  The night after the surgery they gave me my steroid inhaler & then in the morning they came in with 2 different steroid inhalers to take.  When I asked about it, they informed me the 2 drugs made up 1 whole dose of what I normally take.  Thing is, the night before, the missed 1/2 of it & I don't know what 1/2.

I was SO GLAD to get out of there & home!

Here's a before/after picture of my neck.  Also my super swollen hand from the IV after the surgery.

I had a long day today though.  Still haven't had my bath & dinner so I'm going to work on that now &, hopefully, I'll be able to update tomorrow on how I am physically doing after the surgery.

Take care everyone!

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