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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love is in the air!

I really have too much stuff.  I do.  It's insane how much stuff I have.  In a way I am proud of this.  I always have something to mix & match.  If I feel I want something floral, I got it, fruity, it's there, spicy... that's not as common but I have it!  :)

Right now I am trying to organize.  I feel like that's something I am constantly doing.  This goes with that & that goes with this.  One week... then the next week I want to organize it a different way.  Lotions go with lotions, or no, let me put the scents together.  Though I have found that it's easier to organize not by scent, but by product.  These are somewhat organized though, it's other stuff I am having problems with, like my crafts & mail.  Labels go here, stamps, stickers, scrap papers... they're all over the place.

I learned Lean Six Sigma at work once.   It's been stuck in my mind since.  I have yelled at companies for their poor use of it.  Most of this in shipment.  As how it was taught to us, what is the most practical way of doing things to cut out the waste?  Why put the coffee maker in a spot where it is not convenient to fill it up with water & why put the filters in a far away spot from the coffee maker?  Like today, I somehow keep ending up between my living room, kitchen & office.  Trying to clean up my desk I have stuff I need recycled but the recycle bag is in the kitchen.  Just an example.  It's in the kitchen though because it's more convenient to put the recent mail recyclables in.  Maybe I could have separate bags?  Maybe I should, but the office is a disaster area anyway & I think I am putting more things off because I need a new desk & more storage compartments.

I was so excited I also finally got the Two Door Cinema Club "Tourist History" CD I have been wanting for a while in the mail yesterday.  Chris spends HOURS messing with music on iTunes & I just like to pop in a CD & listen to it until, weeks later, I finally need something new.  I wanted to use the CD players in the living room but one isn't fully set up & my other one is just skipping over all the CD slots & not reading the discs.  So, go figure, I'm listening to it on Spotify even though I could have just thrown the CD in on my computer.  I'll leave it for my car.

I am doing a lot better as far as my Graves' goes.  I have more blood testing next week & then appointments the weeks after to, hopefully, release me back to work!  I can't wait to go back but I also have that fear that if I do & if I become stressed again it will bring it on again.  I, besides the cabin fever, have been pretty relaxed (bored) here at home doing much of nothing... causing trouble online. ;)

I have been going to therapy also, numerous reasons.  Last week I had to write about early memories & how I felt about them.  That was pretty easy.  This week I am supposed to write about what I am good at.  We discussed a few things, so I can't put those.  Who knew how hard this was.  I, being who I am, am probably taking this a bit too literally & over thinking.  Well, I am good at something but not that good so I can't put that.  Or, I am good at this but there are people out there who are better than me at that so I can't put that.

I think it was funny, Chris asked me the other day what I would consider to be my favorite restaurant in the area.  Of course I said Amy's.  Mind you they have amazing food but it's more like a vegetarian/vegan friendly dive diner.  He was looking for something nicer for Valentine's Day.  Oh good luck getting reservations for anything I might consider "nice" as of now.  Hell, I'd be happy going to a dive but I understand.  We've never really gone out anywhere nice for V Day before, usually because he works pretty late & by the time he gets home I am curled up on the couch snoozing already.  I like flowers also but am allergic to them, some even give headaches, so I'm used to having boring V Days.  I'm also that kind of person that considers this a stupid commercial holiday & you should be shown this kind of passion, love (or whatever) any day!

So, besides being a bath maniac I am also a candle maniac.  And since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I am also a candy hearts maniac!  So when I saw this I HAD to have it!

Ok, don't mind the Yankee Candle in the picture!  Though I have it there for a reason.  YES!!!  That is a SUGAR HEARTS candle from Goose Creek Candle Co.  I don't even know what coupon I had, it was something I found on their Facebook page & they seem to be posting a lot of different deals.  I wanted to try something different but they didn't have any stores here & it's not like I can do a sniff test to see if I really like their products or not.  So I got this candle & a car air freshener from them for about $23.50 (no tax, included shipping).  Now, you can't go wrong when YC has their BOGO deals but considering YC's large jars now retail at $28 & these start at $22, what I paid for it all is pretty good!

It's really just like a YC but YC doesn't have a scent like this out.  To me this has a sugary scent with a touch of citrus & I am picking up a very light floral in it also.  GC describes it as, "Sugar Hearts is the wonderful aroma of sweet colored candies. Coated with powdered sugar, they are sweet and delicate, perfect for your valentine."  It's not too powerful of a scent & it fills a room nicely.  GC, just like YC, large jars maxes their burn time at 150 hours.  This is also 2 wick.

Now the reason why I put it next to the YC is to show you how the sizes are the same & also where the YC wax STARTS.  I've already burned the GC candle but there was also a bit more wax in it.  Take the YC wax line & move it up to JUST below where the plastic cap line is.  THAT is where the GC candle was filled to.  Not sure if the others are but that's how mine came.  Below are some pictures of it on its own.

I really hate having to mention YC so much in this but so many people know who they are, so sometimes you have to just to point out how, if you like one thing, there are other things out there in similarity but with their own, good differences.  I'll be interested in checking them out again when I want to go on a candle hunt.

I have yet to use the air freshener.  To be continued...

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